2017 guide to summer events in and around Boyne City

BY CHRIS FAULKNOR, PUBLISHER – See the full 2017 Boyne Summer Guide below

There’s a song by some artist out there called “Walking on Sunshine,” or at least that’s the only line I know.

I could walk around town all day repeating that line, and I’ll bet nobody would even stop me to scream, “There’s more than one line in that song, Chris!”

Why, you ask?

Because summer in Boyne City is exactly that.

Every week, every month, something is going on worth celebrating, and we’re here to show you just how to make that happen.

You’ll be seeing our annual Summer Events Guide hitting the streets over the next several weeks and continuing throughout the summer.

This fantastic guide starts with the first morel mushroom picked at the Mushroom Festival and continues until the last polka of the Boyne Falls Polish Festival has accordioned its last note (yes, in this case, accordion is a verb. Check your textbook, it’s there.)

Anyway, grammar critics aside, I’m quite pumped to get these things out for you.

Our cover is a beautifully done watercolor, and the inside is 22 pages of great content and advertising.

Businesses are offering their services throughout this guide, and if you like the guide they are supporting, I highly recommend checking them out.

As for content, expect dates, times, and places for everything there is to do in Boyne City all summer long.

Do you want to know who’s performing at Boyne City’s favorite weekly music festival Stroll the Streets this particular Friday?

Are you interested in what time the duck race is on the Fourth of July holiday celebration?

How about the antique and hot-rod car shows?

Or, maybe your thing is food trucks, or fine dining, fireworks, Gazebo concerts, or even Poochfest.

This is where you find out—the 2017 Boyne Summer Guide.

The best thing of all is that because these businesses have stepped up and sponsored the guide, it’s completely free to locals and visitors alike.

You won’t pay a dime for this summer-long product, and it’ll keep you in the know about local events for almost three full months.

You’ll find copies of our guide all over Charlevoix County in the coming weeks at businesses, waiting rooms, governmental offices and chambers of commerce, so I encourage you to take one (or a few for family and friends, to pass around).

There’s no doubt in my mind that you’ll be pleased with what you find.

Hopefully though, when you’re wandering through town singing “Walking on Sunshine,” you’ll at least remember to add “and don’t it feel good” every few lines.

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