What’s new at Challenge Mountain?

challenge mountain new logo

What’s new at Challenge Mountain? See how great things happen together.

There’s been a lot of buzz around Challenge Mountain over the past year.

The 30th Anniversary winter festival attracting over 500 community members in January of 2015, the ongoing media coverage of year-round programming and the recent announcement of the new location of the Challenge Mountain Resale Store opening this summer in Boyne City—all of these happenings have been leading up to the most exciting news yet!


Today, Challenge Mountain is proud to announce the launch of its new logo (pictured), tagline and website—challengemtn.org.

“This change reflects the development and progress of Challenge Mountain since its inception over three decades ago,” said Challenge Mountain Executive Director Elizabeth Gertz Looze.

“The new logo, tagline and website represent the vibrancy, diversity and spirit of our participants, volunteers, staff and all who support our mission to enrich lives and empower individuals living with disabilities through year-round adaptive recreation.”

Challenge Mountain worked with Nickel Design, Inc. of Boyne City to develop a new color scheme, logo, tagline and website to represent the mission, work and people of Challenge Mountain.

“This is a very important and exciting time for Challenge Mountain,” said Gertz Looze. “Since 1984, we’ve focused on changing lives for the better. Our commitment to building greater awareness for the important work we do will enable us to extend our programs to more individuals living with disabilities while better serving our communities.”

When asked the meaning behind the new tag-line, Gertz Looze said, “From Challenge Mountain program participants, volunteers and donors to Resale Store customers and contributors and everyone in between, Great Things Happen Together represents the commitment of those who make up the foundation of Challenge Mountain. Great things happen when barriers are dissolved and people come together for the wellbeing of others and that is exactly what Challenge Mountain is all about. People say that once you get involved with Challenge Mountain, it feels like family. There is no question that Challenge Mountain is made-up of a family of individuals who care about all people who together make a difference in the lives of many.”

Gertz Looze added that Challenge Mountain has been an important part of our communities for over 30 years and this story is one to get excited about.

Over the next few months, watch for updates to all elements of the organization which will be completely transitioned to reflect the new color scheme, logo and tagline by September 2016.

Visit the Challenge Mountain website at challengemtn.org to see what all the buzz is about!

More info by contacting Gertz Looze at director@challengemtn.org or call (231) 582-1186.