Welfare queens, the $168-a-day myth and other favorite dog-whistles

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The “Welfare Queen” was never a real person, just a visage of vile peccadilloes perpetrated against the Social Service Agency, claiming nonexistent children, hiding assets and the like to get more food stamps or rent money from the government.


“The Realist” by Paul Krassner was a sort of hippie journal before hippies, more the beat generation type publication that we college students used to get in the nineteen-sixties.

One article of note was the F The Poor Pavilion of the World’s Fair of 1964, a time of great agitation in the US as the Vietnam War escalated and students were dealing with draft deferments or indeed being drafted or splitting to Canada.

That was also an era of burgeoning Welfare recipience that students and hippies began to catch onto as a way of ripping off the government that was seen as, if not an enemy, a hindrance to peace and a lot of other aspects of life – like dope.

The Beat Generation in caps morphed into the student revolutions of the early sixties, then spread to the younger set that saw something appealing in the music and the lifestyle encroaching, disgust with parental restrictions, the James Dean attitude emulation withstanding, Kerouac and Ginsberg et al, the MC-5 of Detroit, the revolutionary fervor then masquerading as righteous justification for acting out irresponsible antics such as running away from home and partaking of the loosely-knit subculture of anti-war sentiment, communal living, experimenting with Oriental philosophy, diet, “rags and feathers” dress, different drugs and so on.

It was a lot of fun and that’s what it was mostly all about although the anti-war demonstrations were real enough.

Welfare Cadillac was a song sung by Johnny Cash in spoof albeit taken all too literally by the masses.

The “Welfare Queen” was never a real person, just a visage of vile peccadilloes perpetrated against the Social Service Agency, claiming nonexistent children, hiding assets and the like to get more food stamps or rent money from the government.

On the record there was only one actual rip off by a black woman who managed a heist of some several hundred dollars, did a little jail time and that was that but for the legend to follow.

The latest complaint, really a constantly revised folk myth, is the $168 a day collected by “the poor” via food allowance, housing, child care, Medicaid and other emergency services such as SSI, SSD, SER, on and on.

There are always bailouts available if one can negotiate and manipulate the “system” to advantage.

Obama in fact bestowed incentivizing largess upon the working folk with his Stimulus, only after bailing out the big guys like Wall Street, automakers and others too big to fail or to jail.

This allegation, actually multiple if accessing the internet with the $168 search, states that the fabled poor receive more than the average working family in the US whose income is a variable $50,000, a figure which any sensible person can see does not apply to the poor, the working poor, the outer class, or any other subdivision of society.

It is possible to rack up a huge medical bill if someone is applicable for aid and perhaps this is from whence the majority of assertions come from.

But food, shelter, child care and Medicaid otherwise do not account for $50,000 a year, which amounts to $137 a day.

Since Bill Clinton more or less gutted Welfare with his version of “Welfare To Work” many were dropped from the rolls.

We can access various circle graphs of where the money goes in government spending, each display only convoluting the picture more, much as the so-called “Poverty Level Index” claiming designation of poverty according to income.

Income, however, is elusive for many since not all are on record as making X amount of pay, there being in-kind remuneration, under the table dollars, shared accommodations, transportation arrangements, child care discrepancies and so on.

Clinton also gutted Pell Grants for prisoners, a move that dispelled any hopes of improving lives that had only time on their hands thereafter, but as this was incorporated into the adage of prisoners getting everything for nothing in their “country club” estates it was almost immediately enveloped as acceptable.

Now inmates have to pay for college courses or get loans like everyone else and pay principle and interest debt for decades or life.  Fascinating semantic that, “in for life” can mean in prison or in debt.

The Federal Reserve System pretty much governs the economic outlook of this country and affects many others.

With twelve satellite banks strewn around the country with hub in Washington DC, it is oddly unknown that this is no federal agency at all, it’s a private banking conglomerate that goes back to Abe Lincoln’s time with roots even more distant, widespread, ties to the Rothschild family of course.

In any case the “neutral” harangue of the $168 is another veiled Obama bashing.

Not that this prez hasn’t some legitimate mud slung his way but this is not one of those legitimate theorems.  Parsing this to pieces begets just one more asseveration of the Welfare Queen we love to hate.