This week’s letters to the editor: views, guns and thankfulness

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Protect Our Public Lakefronts


Imagine it’s 1984. You’re walking down the beaches of Boyne City, Michigan.

The grainy, hot sand is stuck between your toes. You lay a towel down on the beach to watch the sunset fall behind the hills on the other side of Lake Charlevoix. Then, right before the sun disappears … Condos! Condos! Condos! Condos!

Boyne City residents probably know about the condos on Boyne City’s waterfront.


Down by Cafe Santé they are building many, many condos. At first, I thought they were pretty cool, but as they started to duplicate, they began blocking the water and the views.

I used to love to sit on the balcony at Cafe Santé, but now I cannot even see the water; there’s no point!

People that live in the condos are only here one-fourth of the year and yet they get to experience beautiful views, relaxing beaches and the smooth, silky water splashing against their shoulders.

On the other hand, people like me, who live here year round, can’t swim at this waterfront.

Now, obviously I’m not saying that they should knock these structures down, but they’re still building more as we speak!

Some people might argue that we get a large amount of tax revenue from these condos for our school systems; however, we should keep some of the space open for everyone. If we stop building these, we could potentially save some of our beaches and views.

I like living in Boyne City because it’s such a cute little town. I like being able to see the lake and I’m sure many of you do as well.

Sarah Jane Johnson, Sixth Grade
Boyne City Middle School

Amend Gun Bill


Dear Representative Cole,

Thank you for your work on and support of HB5301-5304.

I’m hopeful it will pass and be signed by the Governor.

Is there enough support in the Senate?

Because my wife and I enjoy traveling by car I wish I could legally carry on occasion in other states that have reciprocity agreements with Michigan.

However, for those of us who live on Beaver Island the “tax” to obtain a concealed carry permit includes the extra time and travel expense to make two visits to the mainland of our state.

I served our country in the USMC including a tour in Viet Nam 1969-70.

I have been trained by the best and carried a weapon and ammunition with me daily for a full year.

Would you consider an amendment to the permit process that allows honorably discharged veterans who can prove service (DD-214) a permit for a small fee without unnecessary training? My understanding is that many states do this.

Marine gun control: never an accidental discharge and rounds strike the intended target. Thanks for your consideration!

Steve West
Beaver Island

Thanks for the support


Camp Quality Michigan would like to extend a huge thank-you for the BUNCO Rollin’ for Gold fundraisers held at Porter Creek Fish House at Sommerset Pointe in Boyne City.

Two ladies night events were held, the first in November and the second on Feb. 9 to support kids with cancer.
Over $5,800 was raised for the annual Winterfun Weekend at Boyne Mountain, one of the year-round events that Camp Quality offers for children battling cancer and their families.

Camp Quality Michigan serves children with cancer and their families by providing year-round programs, experiences and companionship, at no cost and operates solely on private donations.

For more information visit or call (231) 582-2471.

Camp Quality staff