Surprise inspection, ballot info, facilities bids top Boyne City Manager report

Bids, bonds, asbestos, absentee ballots, preparing to move the city police and administrative offices, Boyne Thunder, and a surprise MDEQ inspection topped the recent biweekly Boyne City Manager report.

NOTE: See the bid document Boyne City recently received on its new $7 million facilities project, complete with estimated timelines, bonding costs and more, at the bottom of this story.


Bids, bonds, asbestos, absentee ballots, preparing to move the city police and administrative offices, Boyne Thunder, and a surprise MDEQ inspection topped the recent biweekly Boyne City Manager report.

Boyne City Manager Michael Cain reported on city business to the Boyne City Commission during its Tuesday Feb. 23 meeting.


Facilities bids
On Friday Feb. 12, Boyne City received six bids on its facilities project which includes a new city hall with attached fire department, police department, museum and public meeting space.


• Beckering Construction – $7,249,000
• Clark Construction – $8,769,000
• Grand Traverse Construction – $7,267,000
• Hallmark Construction – $6,847,000
• Integrity Construction – $7,202,890
• Micco Construction – $7,825,000

“Since that time, city staff has been working with our architect Ray Kendra (Environment Architects company) and reviewing the bid of the low contractor … Hallmark Construction of Traverse City, which is the same firm that built our new DPW facility last year,” said Cain.

“We’re working to finalize an overall budget that will ensure that the project will meet the scope approved by the voters while remaining within the financial ability of the city,” said Cain.
Cain said he hopes to have that information ready for city commissioners to consider at their Tuesday March 15 meeting.

Asbestos removal
Cain said the final unknown major expense related to the city facilities project is the removal of asbestos from the old DPW building.
Bids were expected to be due by Monday Feb. 29.

“We received what we believe to be good news on this front yesterday while they were doing a walk-through with some of the contractors when it was determined that the vermiculite black block insulation in the old DPW was only in one relatively small three-walled section of the far west end,” said Cain, who added that most of the block walls were un-insulated and there would be less asbestos to remove.

$7 million bond
Cain said he recently participated in a second teleconference regarding the $7 million bond sale which will pay for the new Boyne City facilities project.

The bond will be repaid using millage moneys from last year’s voter-approved millage of up to $7 million.

The bond sale is scheduled to occur on Tuesday March 8.

The proceeds are to be delivered on Wednesday March 23.

“I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the current favorable bond market trends will continue through our upcoming sale,” said Cain. “I was talking to some consultants recently who were saying the rates were down in the 1.78 range so we’ll see how things happen over the next couple weeks.”

Police moving
Over the last few weeks, Boyne City Police and Department of Public Works personnel have been working to prepare a portion of the old DPW building to serve as the temporary location of the Boyne City Police Department while the new city facilities are built.

“The transformation of that space, so far, has been quite remarkable and they all deserve a lot of credit,” Cain said.

Temporary city hall
Cain said he has executed the lease between the city and Honeywell concerning the Boyne City administration’s ability to use a portion of that building across the street from city hall as its temporary offices.

“Preparations are beginning to make sure that that space is ready for our use,” he said.

Surprise inspection
“While all this additional work is going on, we still need to take care of our day-to-day operations so we can make sure Boyne City remains such a positive community—one of those took place this morning when the DEQ stopped by and performed an unannounced inspection of our wastewater treatment plant,” Cain said. “From all indications, our plant passed with flying colors.”

He added, “On a related wastewater note, the new pump station for the Sommerset Pointe sanitary sewer forced main extension has been delivered and can now be installed.”

Cain said the forced main should become active sometime in April.

Freezing pipes?
Cain said there are just under 25 at-risk customers who need to run their water to avoid freezing pipes so far this winter.
“Given the nature of the winter so far, we are not expecting to have to do a city-wide water run like we had to do the last two seasons,” Cain said.

Water system cleaning
City staff are working to clean and paint the pipes at the city’s well houses. Well houses 2, 3 and 4 have, as has the Hawk Ridge booster station, been completed so far. Work remains to be done on well houses 5 and 6.

“While winter may not seem the best of time of year to do this work, it actually is a great time to do interior work because the pipes that they’re doing a lot of the painting on are not sweating at this time of year,” Cain said.

Statue permit process
The Army Corps of Engineers has sent notices regarding the city’s proposed bronze statue “The Last River Draw” because part of the sculpture is planned to reside in the waters of the Boyne River.

The city has until April 7 to raise $25,000 in matching funds so it can receive a grant of $25,000 to help pay for the life-sized $50,000 bronze statue of a lumberjack pulling a log in from the river.

Absentee ballots
Registered voters still have time to pick up their absentee ballot for the Tuesday March 8 presidential primary election. Boyne City will accept the ballots up until Saturday March 5—yes, the city offices will be open that Saturday from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. As of Cain’s report, 83 absentee ballots had been issued.

Boyne Thunder
The Boyne Thunder committee continues to plan this year’s event.

Boyne Thunder has a new website:

According to Cain, event organizers have streamlined registration and information gathering.

“Sponsorships this year appear to be even stronger than last year with many new sponsors signed up,” said Cain.

Registration for new participants opens on March 15.

This year’s Boyne Thunder event is scheduled for July 8 and 9.

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