Michigan Rep. Triston Cole backs ‘no greater than the feds’ bill

triston cole testifies web

Michigan State Representative Triston Cole (R-Mancelona) testified Wednesday May 18 in the House Regulatory Reform Committee (HRRC) supporting legislation he sponsored to amend the Administrative Procedures Act of 1969 to limit the state government’s ability to adopt a rule that is more stringent than the federal regulations.

“House Bill 5613, also nicknamed ‘no greater than the feds’, will increase and protect Michigan’s competitiveness by stabilizing our regulatory climate,” said Cole. “Out of state companies might not want to bring businesses to Michigan due to the threat of over-regulation.”

This legislation is also one of the House Republicans top priorities and legislative goals for 2016.

“My intention for moving this legislation is to allow the regulatory process to go through the Legislature as it was intended by the Constitution,” Cole said. “This bill works to stabilize the regulatory process in Michigan to help continue a productive and profitable business environment.”

HB 5613 is expected to be voted on in the coming weeks.