Mancelona’s Tim Priebe promoted to Navy Chief Petty Officer

By Ensign Winter Rae, USS PHILIPPINE SEA Public Affairs

Chief Petty Officer Timothy Priebe from Mancelona, Michigan, was recently promoted to chief petty officer.

Chief Priebe, a 1997 Mancelona High School graduate, has served in the Navy for eighteen years and is currently serving aboard guided missile cruiser USS Philippine Sea (CG 58).

“I have reached one of my goals in the Navy being a chief,” said Priebe. “As a chief I can now truly take care of my junior people, without question.”

More than 3,000 sailors at various commands around the world were promoted during the 2016 Chief Pinning Ceremony. This ceremony is a long time Navy tradition dating back to 1893 when the chief petty officer pay grade was first created.

“Chief Priebe is a mature leader who is going to excel in his new position,” said Captain John Schmidt, commanding officer of USS Philippine Sea.

To be selected for this promotion, Sailors must be a petty officer 1st class, and go through two qualifying factors; a job based exam, and a review board. A petty officer 1st class can only go through the review board after they score high enough on the exam. Each rating has different requirements for their chief petty officers.

Before the new chief can wear their new rank and anchors on their uniform collars, they must complete a six week long training filled with testing, mentoring, and challenges to make them the best chiefs they can be. “The most challenging part of the chief selection process for me was learning to look at the bigger picture. It’s not just about me anymore.” said Priebe.

During the ceremony, the honored sailors invite friends and family members to pin on the two gold anchors to the newly appointed chief’s uniform, while the sailor’s sponsor places the combination cover on their heads.

“I wouldn’t be where I am at today without my family,” said Priebe. “I thank my mom for raising me with the determination and will to never give up! My wife is my biggest supporter with everything. She helped me and pushed me to study all the time to make the next pay grade.”

Chief Petty Officer Timothy Priebe is pictured during a recent pinning ceremony on the Atlantic Ocean.

Chief Petty Officer Timothy Priebe is pictured during a recent pinning ceremony on the Atlantic Ocean.

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