Letter to the editor: Flint’s man-made disaster

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Flint’s Man-made Disaster


Governor Snyder’s Financial Emergency Manager Law has created a State of Emergency in Flint.

In 2011 newly elected Governor Snyder signed Public Act 4 giving him the freedom to take over any city government his office found financially bankrupt, with power to override any decision of elected city officials.

This law showed his primary motive–money before people.

In November 2012, the People of Michigan voted down his Financial Emergency Manager Law as they resented losing control of their cities.

In December 2012, he showed his contempt for the people’s vote and signed a revised version.

The revised law did not give power back to the people as Snyder’s henchmen still retained financial control.

In 2011, Snyder appointed the first of four Emergency Financial Managers to run Flint.

In 2014, for economic reasons only, Flint’s water supply was switched from Detroit’s water system to the polluted Flint river.

The Governor and his staff saw no red flags when residents immediately noticed discolored, off-taste, smelly water.

The public health alarm was sounded by Dr. Hanna-Atrisha with Hurley Medical Center, when her testing showed twice as many children with excessive blood lead levels.

This travesty has now resulted in the poisoning of approximately 8,600 children under six.

There has also been an increase in Legionnaires disease in which 10 adults have died and many others experienced severe pneumonia most likely from the toxic Flint water.

Snyder, in his State of the State address played up the blame game.

However, the real culprit is Governor Snyder with his money-hungry laws, inaction when aware of the problem, and total lack of leadership to prevent permanent harm to Flint’s children and measurable suffering to the elderly and high risk individuals.

I suggest going to the Governor’s website: www.michigan.gov and express your opinion.

Catherine Hunter
Boyne City