Letter to the Editor: concerns with Kirtland emissions

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Who does MDEQ serve?

Your informative article reads like the MDEQ is short on reason, and long on excuses in their conclusion to allow Kirtland Pellet Plant to more than double their particulate matter emissions.

According to the article, and the DEQ’s ‘Public Participation Documents’, Kirtland has exceeded every PM smoke stack test since their inception, other then the tests using non-representative wood and filters. They have filed for testing extensions twice.


The DEQ has relied on the following information according to their ‘Public Participation Documents’, in addition to Kirtland’s failed tests, to make their determination:

• The claim that Kirtland is meeting National Ambient Air Quality Standards (NAAQS) is cited repeatedly. Ironically, the entire state of Michigan is currently designated
‘Attainment’, other than a small corridor in Wayne County along I-75 for sulfur dioxide emissions, and a ‘less than 1 square mile area’ in Ionia County for Lead emissions; a low bar to clear to say the least.

• Particulate Air Monitoring Stations located in Missaukee County, and Manistee County: both approximately 100 miles from the ‘offending’ plant, are considered relevant according to the DEQ

• ’Computer Dispersion Modeling’? Your guess is as good as mine.

• Finally, in lieu of ‘expensive’ monitoring devices, a MDEQ employee has visited the area sporadically to ‘smell the air’.

Due diligence in monitoring Kirtland does not appear to be DEQ’s strong suit.

To approve an increase in particulate matter emissions from 68,000 pounds/year to 152,000 pounds/year with scant local testing , and damning stack test results, seems irresponsible.

A sobering reminder. The entire Boyne City School complex is within a 1/4 mile from the ‘offending’ plant. The Boyne City Preschool, daycare facilities, and hundreds of single family homes are within a mile of Kirtland Pellet Plant.

Concerned citizens are urged to contact Ms.C. Asselin, DEQ,AQD, at 517-284-6786


Michael Smith
Boyne City