Letter to the Editor: Charlevoix County Prosecutor must go

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Unhappy with Prosecutor


Regardless of where you, as a reader, may position yourself on the issue of a second term of the Charlevoix County Prosecuting Attorney, many of us feel that Allen Telgenhof is unfit and should be unseated.

We feel that the citizens have been deceived, and hope that the general public will be served by educating them of the facts.

Mr. Telgenhof called into a talk radio program (in recent years) and, we feel, violated our privacy rights by naming us.

He went on to insult us by calling us “lunatics” and “the fringe.”

He also challenged me to a debate, which I accepted.

Telgenhof never showed.

Is he afraid of the truth about his character and actions becoming known?

When a public official seems to be violating the public trust, it is the duty of the citizens to hold them accountable.

Mr. Telgenhof has misused the county credit card and his involvement with 9-1-1 calls to his home are very disturbing in both his personal life and as a prosecutor.

He has violated campaign finance laws and he has never been prosecuted for his actions.

Most recently, Telgenhof engaged in ex-parte communication with Judge Janet Allen.

This is one of the highest violations of ethics rules by an attorney.

In some cases, the penalty for this violation is being barred from ever practicing law in the State of Michigan.

The trick bag that he put the judge in was very devious and his request to seal this communication from the public is very telling of his true self.

Telgenhof, I believe, is aware that the motivation of the blog’s sponsors (operated in part by the author of this letter) was stated in a flier that he needs to seek God’s forgiveness and the forgiveness of those around him.

His response to those who despise corruption can be seen in the ad The Pretty Lie or the Ugly Truth concerned citizens group placed in last week’s (Wednesday June 15, page 2) Boyne City Gazette.

The ad, along with all of the details, including a victim impact statement, audio of a 9-1-1 call from Telgenhof’s wife, pictures, police reports and much more can be viewed at theprettylieortheuglytruth.blogspot.com.

We are many, we are watching and we remain unafraid to expose corruption wherever it may reside.

We will always come to the defense of the less fortunate—women, orphans, widows and those who cannot defend themselves.

I have been discriminated against in Antrim and Charlevoix counties by attorneys and dirty public officials.

Our hope is that a candidate more suitable for the office of the Charlevoix County Prosecutor surfaces as a write-in candidate or independent by the July cut-off date.

Until public officials and government agencies are held personally accountable and don’t have immunity, corruption will remain in force.

Greg Karam,
Antrim County