How did Rep. Triston Cole and Sen. Wayne Schmidt vote?

• Senate Bill 802, Appropriate $1 million for firefighter cancer presumption: Passed 37 to 0 in the Senate
To appropriate $1 million to cover workers compensation benefits paid to former firefighters who have cancer that they assert was caused by their job (a presumption that would not apply if the person was a smoker).
37 Sen. Wayne Schmidt R – Traverse City Y


• Senate Bill 314, Authorize truck weight limit exceptions for maple sap haulers: Passed 26 to 12 in the Senate
To include maple syrup sap under an agricultural products exception to the truck weight limits that are applied during March, April and May.
37 Sen. Wayne Schmidt R – Traverse City Y

• House Bill 5034, Give fiduciary, trustee or executor control of digital assets: 106 to 0 in the House
To create a new law giving access and authority over the “digital assets” and accounts of a vulnerable individual or an estate to the fiduciary, trustee, conservator or executor responsible for the person’s property.
Digital assets would include online usernames, passwords, terms-of-service rights and more.
105 Rep. Triston Cole R – Mancelona Y

• Senate Bill 507, Impose registration and reporting mandates on larger recyclers – To impose registration and government reporting mandates on recycling facilities that recycle more than 100 tons of material annually.
105 Rep. Triston Cole R – Mancelona N

• House Bill 4895, Let larger liquor retailers operate secondary gas station outlet: Passed 68 to 41 in the House
To allow the owner of a retail store that has a liquor license to sell beer and wine under the same license at a subsidiary location that is a gas station.
The bill would limit this to retailers who maintain $250,000 worth of inventory, which is opposed by smaller retailers and supported by large ones and by the state-authorized beer and wine wholesaler cartel.
105 Rep. Triston Cole R – Mancelona N

• House Bill 5296, Make down payment on Detroit schools bailout: Passed 104 to 5 in the House
To appropriate $48.7 million to keep the insolvent Detroit school district afloat until the end of the current school year.
This is essentially a “down payment” on a larger bailout package whose details have yet to find a consensus (the House majority wants more education reforms).
The bill also places the Detroit school district under the same state oversight commission created to oversee the city after its 2014 bailout.
105 Rep. Triston Cole R – Mancelona N

• Senate Bill 566, Waive liability for breaking into car to save sweltering child: Passed 37 to 0 in the Senate
To waive liability for damages caused by an individual who breaks into a locked car to rescue a child or animal he or she believes to be in danger, subject to limits and conditions specified in the bill.
37 Sen. Wayne Schmidt R – Traverse City Y

• House Bill 4493, Mandate Holocaust and genocide instruction: Passed 105 to 1 in the House
To require public schools to provide high school students with instruction about genocides, including the Holocaust.
Also, to create a new government commission to research and make recommendations on how to teach this better.
105 Rep. Triston Cole R – Mancelona Y

• House Bill 5219, Permit local tax hike electioneering if “reasonable”: Passed 60 to 46 in the House
To repeal the prohibition established by a 2015 law on governments and school district communications referencing their own property tax hike or other ballot measures in a taxpayer-funded communication during the 60 days before the election.
The bill instead would permit mailings and other communications with “factual and neutral information concerning the purpose or direct impact” of a proposal as long as a judge or state elections bureau official has not decreed that the language can be “reasonably be interpreted as an attempt to influence the outcome.”
105 Rep. Triston Cole R – Mancelona Y

Y = Yes, N = No, X = Not Voting