East Jordan’s Mitch MacKay talks terrorism in ‘The enemy within’

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IT’S BEEN SAID; there are greater dangers than those terrorist attacks upon this and other countries.

To date we have no absolute evidence that any of the attacks might have been countered with proper surveillance or that more importantly future attacks can be detected and thwarted no matter how much surveillance monitoring.

Logic tells us that a swat team can’t be everywhere at once in every venue where mass murders might take place.

It’s too monumental a task to deal with let alone predict.

But what happens is that security measures step in to oppress the rest of us who are not terrorists or mass murderers.

We have to pay for those few who are.

They know this, these assassins; they’re winning by default.

There may have been warning signs before 9-11 as suggested in various reports but supposedly scrutiny was cancelled prior to the Orlando massacre.

Therefore surveillance actually does nothing to stop these acts.

Let’s face facts: Federal investigators will now presumably monitor Middle Easterners who register for jet plane flight training but those fanatics are not about to go that route again, too obvious.

So government security measures focus on ordinary American citizens for shoe bombs, underwear bombs and so on through full-body scans, pat-downs, metal detectors &c as if that’s going to improve the chances of catching terrorists before they terrorize.

It doesn’t work that way; all it does is oppress Americans the more.

After-the-fact investigations are mostly a waste of time, money and energy in terms of prohibiting future occurrences.

The terrorist attackers are not the masterminds behind all this; they’re only the foot soldiers, expendable and replaceable.

All that’s needed is indoctrination to recruit those hara-kiri fanatics who’re already inclined to radicalism, virgins in heaven and so on.

It has been elucidated in minute detail how this homeland security buildup cannot work because of the needle-in-the-haystack syndrome ever present.

The masterminds, even the wackadoodle loners, are random variables stochastically always one step or more ahead of the game, legal assault weapons, US citizenship and all.

Precaution does not make for security.

They rarely catch the bad guys before the fact, only after; then they proceed to catch the good guys.

Retaliation is neither security.

It is reported that the Orlando massacre did actually have a hired off-duty cop on hand who was powerless to react in time and that the swat boys took some three hours to clear the scene because the bad guy took refuge in a bathroom with block walls.

How can you predict something like that?

You’d have to have armed troops and tanks at every venue where people congregate for any reason, school, entertainment, church, press, practically anywhere anytime.

There is no Lone Ranger or Spiderman on the scene—ever.

That’s fantasy; it just doesn’t work that way.

And if someone dresses up like a superhero he’s arrested for interfering with police work anyway no matter how righteously inept he might be.

The way it really works is as said the attacks happen for multifarious reasons, security is then stepped up to no avail, the country is less free with every occurrence.

And the attacks continue, a fatal cycle and getting more vicious with each passing event.

Though the wisdom of Sun Tzu might avail here it’s unlikely to happen.

The ancient Chinese way of détente, like the ancient Grecian way of Trojan Horse tactics, is not in the vocabulary of modern warfare or prevention thereof.

Military “Intelligence” is not about to stop anything from happening except what happens on its own account, planned terrorism as it were, terrorism against regular US citizens by official US citizens.

This can only get worse, the modus operandi being repetitive.

America looked pretty good at times despite inconsistencies, not so good anymore.

As with medicine allopathic treatment attacks the problem whereas homeopathic treatment works with the symptoms via causes, preferably preemptively.

Police and courts have been taking a more preemptive stance via stop-and-frisk &c but this is aggression against a perceived possible problem, not working with the actual catalysts.

Confrontation in lieu of integration creates animosity.

Community leaders may not be able to cope with crime amongst their neighborhoods so police, usually racially segregated, take up the task and like Darren Wilson and Michael Brown the result is often predictable.

And of course overreaction and outright corruption by law takes its toll too.

When people see cops overstepping their responsibilities the game takes on a desperado thug against desperado officer in a crooked cops and robbers game.

We can’t unmake the situation, we can only try for a more holistic approach for the future, i.e. look at the whole problem and solution.

If the USA can’t fix itself how can it possibly fix anything else?

The enemy is indeed within.

That which the Colonists fought for has been deeply eroded and contaminated.

Nobody can/will fix this, no incentive, no profit in the balance.

This is now the American Way.