East Jordan’s Mitch MacKay on Donald J. Trump


Euchre requires both bowers, two jacks, left and right, both red or both black, but this Trump seems to go it alone, as only billionaires can do, a lone hand as it were.

The question seems to be who will get Euchred?

Boorish and churlish this guy more than bluffs his way through business deals.

He’s made his point and the working class picked up on this “make America great again” slant because workers have been stomped on beyond repair but they tend not to cognate this yet, this “again” posit which is a false promise as anyone can see.

It’s not that hard, here’s a billionaire appealing to some working class stiffs because he plays to their misfortunes.

Since the postwar years workers have been the success story of those decades which began to noticeably unravel in the millennial turnover.

Second homes, lake cottages primarily, Florida vacations, Arizona and so on, are now artifacts of the past unless group efforts are mounted, communities of “snowbirds” and the like because otherwise such amenities are not affordable anymore.

That’s what “make America great again” means to the workingman.

It’s now known though not widely that Trump’s father Fred appears in a Woody Guthrie song composition from the time Woody signed a rental contract for a Trump apartment in New York City.

Trump senior had a contract with government housing to provide apartments for middle income Americans and got fairly rich in so doing.

Woody rented one of those and soon composed a poem to an existent tune – you could do that back then without consideration of plagiarism – about the exploitation aspect of Fred Trump’s holdings.

That’s a powerful statement given that Woody Guthrie is America’s premier folk song exponent and a contester for the National Anthem with this land is your land.

Somewhere buried in those archives this poem can be found and no doubt someone will bring it to the attention of the nation if this election continues in this Far-Sided way.

Ever since Bill Clinton’s madcap capers the presidential office has undergone some rather ignominious reduction in stature until now it’s a reality TV series in which even lackluster wannabes can participate.

Hillary Clinton, the supposed front runner opposition, has a past too that people tend to forget or overlook due to her makeover via PR.

This dynasty effect is not a healthy bearing for the country, Bushes and Clintons namely.

But this loss of principles in public perception is unique in that the unthinkable is now expected and hardly a word or deed is too garish for publicity.  As many commentators write, this is the new normal.

Anybody can research the Trump fortunes to find that Donald was backed by his father for his ventures, his forays with women are tabloid issues in somebody’s rental storage or garage, the supposed self-made image is belied by the fact that Trump solicits money for campaigning leaving his fortune intact.

With Trump and Clinton – and maybe Bernie Sanders –in this bull-run at pennsyvania avenue someone must ask, Is this what we want for the USA?

As said elsewhere though this is not the people’s choice – not with electors and delegates, super-delegates, lobbyists, courts and cops directing traffic stifling 1st Amendment rights – there is virtually no chance of any other outcome than one of these three people.

Then there’s Social Security and Medicare.

Trump flip-flops but his true nature is to eviscerate these via retirement at age 70 and other conservative notions.

There’s a hefty price tag on these entitlement programs incepted and bolstered by Democrats and it’s easy to see why people who don’t need these services want to rid the treasury of these burdens.

The Donald is not nearly so forthright as he is perceived as the working class would soon discover if he actually got anywhere near the White House.

That appears unlikely just as Sanders’ Socialist stance is prohibitive, scares people, which of course leaves Hillary to pick up the pieces of this puzzle to make a recognizably plausible picture out of chaotic politicking.

John McCain might have been president but for Sarah Palin.

People including electors and delegates tend to avoid random variables so with Clinton they know fairly well what they’re getting.

She already knows the floor plan and certainly the Oval Office.

Trump is the wild card Joker here and will remain as such regardless what transpires in this euchre hand.

Trump is primarily a Monopoly player not suited for other power play games.

Though the US seems poised for a reality show, there is a strain of decorum still prevalent in the electoral process, even with the Supreme Court split for the foreseeable future.

As with Monopoly and Euchre, there are rules to elections.

If Donald Trump’s trick is indeed trumped it will be by his own hand.