East Jordan writer asks: have we become numb to injustice?

“Find out what a people will submit to, and you have found out the exact amount of injustice and wrong which will be imposed upon them.” —Frederick Douglass


“Power concedes nothing without a demand; it never did and it never will.”

This is the famous quote by former slave Frederick Douglass, of course, and there’s an addendum to the phrase that is even more ineluctable: “Find out what a people will submit to, and you have found out the exact amount of injustice and wrong which will be imposed upon them.”

Other quotes go on from there to tell of methods and means of resistance but this portion explains a major tenet of control by dictator over masses.


As soon as anyone, be s/he slave master, master sergeant, officer, administrator, anyone with power over anyone else discovers how far that power extends, it will be implemented.

But there’s a further extrapolation to be gathered from this, that of creeping deflation, that is, extension of power via incremental addition-subtraction.

We have observed this taking place here in the U.S., the slow accumulation of not only laws but the subversion of laws to let officers of law and finance tweak the balance to their favor whatever that might come to.

Cases in point, as soon as DUI laws proliferated and became accepted for their intrinsic moral indignation, it wasn’t long before roadblocks were noted for that purpose, and soon discontinued for the unconstitutionality of it, i.e. entrapment.

Then, after lowered percent of inebriation followed, then “impaired,” came seat belt laws which, as everybody knows, beget lots of money for counties as do DUIs and selfsame roadblocks are seen again but this time not knocked down by constitutional decree.

Little by little this creeping power and money mongering takes over the country.

Police, for their part, from whence come all instigated tickets, arrests, fees, fines, jail, prison, all monetary matters inclusive, laugh about this in their unique enclaves of Machiavellian cloister as they dash about like hornets in search of the next group sting.

Orders come from headquarters which follow the same template in increasing power and money as increment determines via public opinion, media report and consequences that develop unintentionally or otherwise.

Slowly the public grows accustomed to this repercussion to the point in which more oppression is almost unnoticeable to most.

Cops, for the most part emanating from the general public, have some intention initially toward doing the right thing and upholding the law but soon come under the perspective of peer pressure which, if they refuse to comply, will result in alienation and dismissal one way or another in Serpico mode.

We witness what happens when anyone tries to blow that proverbial whistle.

Snowden, Manning, Julian Assange, the CIA’s Kiriakou, and a worldwide cast verify.

It doesn’t matter how unconstitutional this resistance to constitutional uphold might be, this is how it has devolved.

The US Constitution once influenced much of the political world to its premise of doing what is right and being held to it by law.

This is near defunct now.

An example would be the constitutional job of the U.S. president to appoint Supreme Court nominees.

Article II, Section 2, paragraph two specifies just this but is now blocked by Republican legislators who obviously want not a Democratic nominee.

If this hindrance is held and substantiated we may concur that the Constitution has begun to be officially rendered null and void.

Thereafter shall follow negation of Amendments one by one, already sadly eviscerated in most cases if examined.

When creeping corruption is not halted, the result will always be more simply because those who prompt and exercise these extensions want more.

If we allow this, this will be and will increase exponentially.

It all comes back to the wise words of Frederick Douglass.

Contrarians to this and that catalyst for this military dictatorship takeover in power and money terms tend toward overwrought prejudices of the clichéd kind, Welfare recipients, party politics, racism and the like.

We’re all to blame, nonetheless, for allowing this oppression.

We can’t do a lot, ‘tis true due to the very laws that prevail, but we can talk and write about it even though we can no longer assemble peacefully to petition for redress of grievances.

When these are totally outlawed we will know the American Revolution is indeed “quaint” and dissolved.