Deeds, character more important than party affiliation

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Many of the times, as I go to write these columns, I think about the things that make me happy.

I think about what a joy it is to live in Boyne City, and how fond I am of the people here.

But this week, I’m having trouble with that, because as I turn on the radio, open up my internet browser, or God forbid, look at Facebook, I’m inundated with reports from “news” sources about our national politicians.

Every conservative blog and so-called news site is throwing sucker punches about one candidate being a socialist and another being a soon-to-be jailbird.

On the same note, the liberal folks are having plenty of fun wondering why another financially-endowed candidate hasn’t opened up about his tax returns.

I know this is bound to happen, and I know mudslinging is a part of any race, even locally.

That said, I have a simple request of all intelligent humans out there: quit obsessing about whether these people have an “R” or a “D” after their name.

Do your research on all of these candidates, and see which one matches your views and goals for our country.

There is plenty of information out there, so there’s no excuse for intelligent people to base every decision on one single letter.