Chris Faulknor’s Two Cents on progress in Boyne City

I drove by the soon-to-be new city hall last Sunday tonight.

I couldn’t help but stop and stand amazed at how quickly the project has gone from demolition of the old structure to a large new building.

Progress is what we call it, and Boyne City has become famous for it. Boyne City sees things through to the end, and that has always made me proud.

Looking around, it’s impossible not to notice progress, even with just this past year, and as 2016 draws to a close, it helps to look at some of that progress to see what is coming.

What began as an idea for a building in the southern chunk of town has become a sports medicine facility and craft beer establishment, and it feels like yesterday that I took a picture of a welder inside and hard at work.

What started as a tax abatement program at Park View Apartments, a place I spent much of my childhood, is now a better suited and much improved housing complex.

Heck, we’re among the only towns to get through the arsenic-wood-fiasco with our Veteran’s Memorial Park playground still intact.

Boyne City knows how to do things and do them right.

But I’m not just saying all of these things so Mike Cain will buy me a cup of coffee when he sees me next.

I love giving a pat on the back to anyone deserving, but what the world really needs is encouragement to keep it coming.

The world needs to know that not only do we finish projects here, but we don’t stop when things look and feel good.

So we learned about a housing issue a couple of months back. Let’s keep pushing to fix it so that our workers have places to live that are both dignified and affordable. (After all, Aunt Sally’s basement might feel like home, but…)

We have more roads to be repaired, so let’s keep pushing for that grant money we’re so good at getting.

We keep fixing our ordinances to better fit the Boyne City of the future, and even got the sidewalk cafes so many longed for, so let’s find the next project.

We’re able to do all of these things because the people leading us have vision.

We keep progressing because the leaders of our city are looking at more than just their lifetime, but creating a community for their grandchildren and beyond.

Every time I look at one of those old Boyne City photos in the library, I wonder if they had this in mind, and what the gentleman sitting in front of the Smeltania sign on Lake Charlevoix’s ice would say if he looked down Water Street today, but I like to think I know the answer.

I hope he would say “Great, so what’s next?”

Don’t stop the momentum, don’t stop the progress, and whether it’s in your city or in your life, don’t ever stop pushing to do better.

Progress continues on the new Boyne City Hall and multi-use city administrative, police, fire project. Photo by Chris Faulknor

Progress continues on the new Boyne City Hall and multi-use city administrative, police, fire project. This picture was taken the afternoon of Sunday Dec. 4. Photo by Chris Faulknor

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