Charlevoix County: Hayes Township to upgrade Camp Sea-Gull fishing pier, restrooms


Charlevoix County’s Hayes Township is moving forward with its efforts to provide a fishing pier and restrooms at Park Camp Sea-Gull on the north shore of Lake Charlevoix.

In 2015 Hayes Township applied for a grant from the Great Lakes Fishery Trust (GLFT) to construct a fishing pier and restrooms at the park.

The fishing pier would be constructed in conjunction with the proposed boat launch on the west side of the park.

As a requirement to receive the grant for the fishing pier, the Great Lakes Fishery Trust awarded Hayes Township $23,000 for the engineering of the pier and to conduct ice flow studies to ensure the safety of the fishing pier.

Performance Engineering in Charlevoix completed the required studies and the Township re-submitted the grant request for $234,000 to GLFT for the construction of the fishing pier and restrooms.

The pier and restrooms would be constructed at the same time as the boat launch to save money on both projects.

In preparation for construction in 2017 of the new access road, fishing pier, restrooms and boat launch, the Township sold five of the cabins located within the planned construction area on the beach.

Three of the cabins have been dismantled and recycled and two more are scheduled for removal and recycling this fall.

Hayes Township is very proud of its ability to recycle most of the construction materials from the cabins.

The Township also pumped, dismantled and filled in the three dilapidated septic tanks serving those cabins.

Since the septic tanks were located within 50 feet of Lake Charlevoix, removing the tanks will protect the water quality of Lake Charlevoix.

The Township has been awarded $486,400 in grants from Michigan Department of Natural Resources Waterways for the new access road and the boat launch.

The Charlevoix County Millage appropriations has also awarded $10,000 for the boat launch.

The Township has set up a Special Project Fund with the Charlevoix County Community Foundation, the Hayes Township Camp Sea-Gull Improvement Fund, to receive donations toward the matching funds required for the grants.

Individuals wishing to make a donation to the Hayes Township Camp Sea-Gull Improvement Fund should contact the Foundation at 231-536-2440 or make a tax deductible donation on the Foundation’s website .

For more information on the location of the new facilities at Park Camp Sea-Gull, go to and click on the Park Camp Sea-Gull Master Plan.