Boyne schools super’ Pat Little performance rated ‘effective’

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Boyne’s new school superintendent gets high marks in first evaluations.

The Boyne City Public Schools Board of Education recently completed its annual evaluation of new Boyne City Public Schools Superintendent Pat Little.

School board officials said they were “very pleased” to release the findings of Little’s performance for the initial six months of service, and deemed his work as “effective.”

Boyne City Public Schools Board of Education President Ken Schrader presented the results at the December board meeting, held last week, in accordance with state regulations regarding the evaluation process.

“We are so very pleased with the performance of Pat Little in his first six months,” said Schrader. “His stellar involvement in the community, combined with his focus on student performance and family involvement, has provided a very positive environment for Boyne City Schools.”

He added, “He has already formed strong relationships with staff, administrators, students and families in just six months. Additionally, he introduced educational concepts and forward thinking strategies for student success that are already benefitting our children.”

Schrader, speaking for the entire board of education, said he looks forward to supporting Little’s future in Boyne City.

Questions on the evaluation process may be directed to Board President Ken Schrader at or by calling (231) 439-8190.
Comments from Board Members included the following:

• “Pat works to ensure our awareness of situations, trends and policy changes. He excels in making sure we are informed with District changes”

• “His engagement of parents, community and willingness to employ media has helped our district go from tech savvy for kids to a tech savvy district”

Pat’s Summary
“Thank-you for allowing me to serve the students and community of Boyne City,” said Little. “It is an awesome job! I feel strongly that our work with the Strategic Plan is important and ongoing.”

He added, “I am looking forward to engaging with the Board and community in other venues. I am looking forward to the Board’s direction of my work.”

Little said that, as a superintendent, there are few limitations on what he could do.

But, he said, the reality is that the Boyne City Public Schools Board of Education has helped him to find focus areas to put his energy and attention into for the further development of the district.

Evaluation details
Superintendent Evaluation 2016
Summative Evaluation Score per MASB Superintendent Rubric
The item and score are as follows:
• Governance & Board Relations – 3.5
• Community Relations – 4.0
• Staff Relations – 3.5
• Business & Finance – 3.5
• Instructional Leadership – 3.5
• Professional Practice Adjusted Score – 3.5
• Student Growth – 3.0
• Progress Toward District Goals – 3.0
Total Score – 3.33
83% Equals a rating of Effective which the Boyne City School Board agrees with.