Boyne Main Street seeks new director; Meeder leaving

Lori Meeder

Lori Meeder

The Boyne City Main Street Program needs a new director.

Current Boyne City Main Street Program Executive Director Lori Meeder, who has had the job for nearly a year-and-a-half, recently told the Main Street Board of Directors her last day will be Monday Sept. 5.


“The board was surprised and disappointed in her decision,” a Friday Aug. 19 press release from Boyne City Manager Michael Cain’s office revealed.

“Despite her long-term love and support of Boyne City and the Boyne City Main Street Program and its volunteers, she decided that the executive director’s position was not the proper fit for her.”

In addition to being Boyne’s city manager, he is also a Boyne City Main Street Board member.

According to Cain’s release, “She and the leadership of the Boyne City Main Street Program have stated their mutual satisfaction in the work being done and the positive working relationships.”

The Boyne City Main Street Board is now looking for someone to fill the position.

“There are no problems other than it didn’t work for Lori,” Cain stated. “Since starting last March, Lori has done tremendous things, just as we knew she would.”

He added, “Our program and its activities have never been stronger. She has excelled at bringing us the economic development and business components we wanted to build on, and we have.”

Cain stated that he is confident main street staff, volunteers and city personnel will work to ensure a smooth transition.

“That’s the great thing about Boyne City and our main street program, it’s a team effort; and, the loss of one person, while never desired, will not negatively affect the program,” stated Cain. “I don’t think we’ll miss a beat.”


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