Boyne Kiwanis Eddie Essay: ‘Army for good’ by Cora Hauger

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Cora Hauger is pictured at last week’s breakfast awards ceremony for the annual Eddie Essay contest. Photo by Chris Faulknor


“Squeeze tight, deep breath… okay the needle is in. Now just sit still.” O- here. When giving blood these phrases can be heard echoing through the rooms as a way to calm down the nervous herd.

Normally, once these strange people have fully taken all the blood they can, we just grab a cookie and walk out, and every once in-awhile, faint.

Have you ever stopped to think, where is my blood going? Who will end up with my blood? Could I be saving someone’s life right now? Well, more than likely your blood will be going to The Red Cross, a humanitarian organization that made it’s way to the United States in 1881.


Picture this, a small child walking through the “hall of ghosts” towards the Trauma Bay waiting room. On her tiptoes she pulls herself up just high enough so that her bright blue eyes could peer over the bottom of the window and inside she sees her dad held by her grandmother and grandfather.

Through the translucent glass pane she can still see her father is crying, and in the next room the flashing lights like there was a party of death arriving. She held on as long as she could before her small arms gave out and she dashed away seeing that her grandmother had stood up and as walking towards the door, she wasn’t supposed to have left her sister’s room.

That little girl was me, six years ago, memories of the tear stained face and the choked up cracking voice telling us that our mother, had died due to internal bleeding. This organization is very important to me, the blood collected from many people by The Red Cross provided my mother with blood after her car crash long enough for us to get one last glimpse of the twinkle in those bright blue eyes.

Now when most people think of The Red Cross they do think of blood drives and scary needles but in actuality this organization is so much more. The Red Cross also provides relief for disaster victims as well as people just struggling to provide for their families, we even have several shelters close to home in northern Michigan. Imagine the expressions of despair washing away as the victims of natural disasters, most recently Hurricane Matthew, realize that they won’t have to go through the trauma alone and that they will have help putting back together the pieces of their broken lives.

The Red Cross is a nonprofit organization that helps everyone, no person will ever have to be alone. The Red Cross is also famous for helping people learn to help people with the many classes they offer, such as CPR and First Aid, thousands of people a day become new members of an army for good.
$100 may not stretch very far in today’s world, but but I know that a donation to The Red Cross is money that will being used fully, and the satisfaction of knowing you are helping someone in need is priceless. Our school is a big supporter of The Red Cross, we even host blood drives twice a year, in addition to churches and other schools in our area. We also have several shelters in Northern Michigan to make sure that everyone gets the help they need.

The Red Cross is a global lifesaver and you may know of someone who has benefitted from their help. If a contribution could be made to any charity, my choice is The Red Cross. Not only did it impact my family but many families around the world; isn’t it great? What started out as one man’s dream has become a global lifeline.

Cora Hauger is pictured at last week’s breakfast awards ceremony for the annual Eddie Essay contest. Photo by Chris Faulknor