Boyne girls hoops gets fresh start with high energy, big numbers


Boyne City High School Girls Varsity Basketball Head Coach Kevin Fitzpatrick is ready for a fresh start coming off a tough 2015 season.

“Our numbers, overall, are up a little bit thanks to a lot of freshmen and it’s a pretty athletic team,” Fitzpatrick said.

He has so many freshmen this year that he’s spread them out over the varsity, junior varsity and freshmen teams.

“They’re not much on experience but it’s a nice group of girls I’m looking forward to working with,” Fitzpatrick said. “Because of them being younger, we’re touching on a lot of things to get ready to play.”

He added, “We’re using a shotgun approach—covering a lot of things and then coming back and trying to retool and build further on those things.”

Fitzpatrick, who has been coaching girls basketball nearly nine years, said last year was particularly rough due to a number of factors.

“We only had three or four wins last year,” he said. “We had a handful of seniors but two of the three got injured and we were young and looking to a lot of juniors who got little playing time as sophomores.”

Fitzpatrick said he thinks his team can do better this season by virtue of his team’s athletic ability and their energy.

“We always like to be able to compete with East Jordan and Charlevoix, and I think we can be competitive and certainly win some tougher games,” he said. “Our girls come in raring to go every day.”

The lady Ramblers meet Jo-Berg Lewiston at 7 p.m. on Wednesday Dec. 7 for an away game.