Boyne City water users: brief service interruptions possible next week

On Monday May 23, the City of Boyne City will begin conducting water valve exercising and maintenance on its water distribution system.

This will be involving lines and mains south of the Boyne River.

Wach’s water has been hired by Boyne City to do the work.

They have the equipment to turn the valves electrically using the minimum torque on each valve so as not to over torque the valve and damage it.

If a valve is frozen up they will work to free it up and they have a historical record of returning 88% of these valves to full operability.

They will locate the valves, clean out the valve boxes, exercise the valve, check the torque limits on each valve, perform minor repairs, provide mapping with GPS coordinates of all valves.

They will also provide documentation on all valves as to size, type of valve, depth of valve, number of turns to open or close the valve, close direction, torque and any operational discrepancies.

This is the second half of the project that was started last fall. Once this work is done Boyne City will have a baseline to start from and the valve exercising program can be maintained by city personnel in the future.

This project will take approximately seven to ten days. During this time water valves will be exercised (opened and closed).

During this time Boyne City Water customers may experience short periods of time (15 to 30 minutes) without water.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns please call the Boyne City Hall at (231) 582-6597.


Public Domain photo courtesy Wikipedia by Matthew Bowden