Boyne City Public Schools OKs $12.9M budget for 2016-17

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It was a relatively quiet June as far as budget proceedings go, as the Boyne City Public Schools Board of Education unanimously approved its 2016-2017 financial plan last week.

Unlike recent years, which saw massive cuts and concerns over potential job losses within the district, the board passed the $12.9 million plan with little fanfare and no objections.


“We have a balanced, positive budget for next year,” said Boyne City Public Schools business manager Irene Byrne, who presented the budget to the school board on Monday June 27.

After dipping below the 10-percent minimum fund balance required by Boyne City Public Schools’ own policy in recent years, the school system will now sit near a 12-percent reserve.

This year’s budget is based on a projected student count of 1,345 pupils.

The current State of Michigan per-pupil foundation allowance—the amount of money Boyne City Public Schools gets per student—is $7,391.

The budget also includes the governor-approved $120 increase in the per-pupil foundation allowance.

The 2016-2017 budget comes in a few hundred thousand dollars higher than last year’s budgeted amount of $12,680,517.

Byrne said the final amended budget for this past year will see an expected $52,388 go back into the general fund.

“That is what we call a positive budget,” she said. “We will not be negative spending.”

Byrne added, “I do expect to improve upon that some more before audit.”

Last May, the school system faced $718,000 in cuts that left them with nearly half their projected minimum fund equity of 10 percent.

2016-2017 Budget Overview
Projected revenue
Local sources – $6,186,587
Non ed sources – $24,000
State sources – $5,718,767
Federal sources – $324,085
Incoming transfers/transactions – $737,350
Total revenues – $12,990,789

Non-audited unassigned fund balance for 2016-2017 – $1,485,529
Basic programs – $7,102,049
Added needs – $1,708,688

Support services
Pupil support – $500,044
Instructional support – $207,723
General administration – $347,521
School administration – $655,315
Business operations – $153,607
Operation & maintenance – $1,313,963
Pupil transportation – $562,860
Support services, central – $418,055
Community services – $13,048
Total appropriated – $12,982,873

The budget was approved by a vote of 5-0.
Board members Jeff Mercer and Lisa Schrock were absent.