Boyne City Police warn of new scams

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The Boyne City Police Department would like to advise local businesses and citizens of a scam going around right now.

At least 3 businesses have been contacted by an individual claiming to be from Consumer’s Energy.

The caller is telling the business that their electric bill is past due and their power will be shut off in 45 minutes if they do not pay immediately.

The caller then instructs the business to purchase pre-paid credit cards to submit as payment.

When the caller is questioned for further information or verification of account information, the caller becomes belligerent, even threating.

This is a scam.

Consumer’s energy will not ask for pre-paid credit cards as payment.

If you receive any of these calls, disconnect from the caller and if possible, block the number on your phone.

If you have any concerns about you power being turned off, you can call Consumer’s Energy at 800-805-0490 to confirm account information.

The IRS scam continues to make its way around the area as well. Callers advise that you owe taxes and threaten to send the police to your house if you don’t pay immediately.

The biggest clue to a scam is the urgency of the caller to get your money. They don’t want you to talk to anybody and they want the money today.

This is not the way the IRS or other legitimate agencies do business.

If you ever feel like you are being scammed or pressured, before you send any money, call the police and ask about scams.