Boyne City Police logs July 28 – Aug. 7

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Thursday, July 28, 2016
1651 Assist Sheriff Dept with a vehicle in the ditch on M-75 S near Dietz Rd.
1849 Suspicious activity in the 400 block of Hannah St.
2045 Assist EMS at Lake and Main.
2050 Littering complaint from the 1300 block of Boyne Av.
2158 Report of possibly OWI coming into town on Anderson. Unable to locate.
2215 Report of sick/injured baby skunk in the 500 block of E Main St.


Friday, July 29, 2016
1056 Driving complaint all over the road coming into town on M-75 S.
1124 Jet ski washed up on shore at the Harborage Condos since Tuesday.
1352 Tree on line at State and Knollwood
1649 Gasoline drive off from Boyne Av
2057 MDOP to a pool on Lewis Ave
2222 Civil complaint from the 700 block of Boyne Ave.
2309 Vehicle unlock on W Water St.
2343 Assist Sheriff Dept with Intoxicated driver on 131 near thumb Lake Rd

0218 Arrested subject on an Emmet Co. warrant.
1040 Lockout at Main St. Inn.
1222 Report of picnic table in the water at Peninsula beach.
1500 Report of possible MDOP to vehicle on Boyne Av.

SUNDAY JULY 31, 2016
0140 Assist EMS in the 500 block of E Lincoln.
0156 Disturbance on W Main St
0245 Subjects in Peninsula Beach after hours. Advised of hours and they left
0557 Alarm in the 300 block of N Lake St
0747 Report of carcass in road in the 300 block of Vogel St.
1100 Report of lost purse in the 400 block of N Lake St. Was later found.
1616 Assist Sheriff Dept with disturbance at fly wheelers.
2015 Report of domestic violence in the 100 block of W. Pine St.
2137 Car deer crash on Wildwood Harbor Rd. near Wildwood Heights Rd.

0807 Found credit card on ground outside PD. Returned to owner.
0924 Report of missing bike from downtown over the weekend.
1010 Private property crash in the 400 block of N Lake St
1317 Assist EMS in the 400 block of State St
1323 Ring found in the wooden playground.
1515 Found knife found at the point near the marina
1540 Suspicious situation reported on W Water St
1830 Report of a suspicious situation in the 100 block of S Lake St.
2009 Responded to a possible disturbance in the 100 block of W. Lincoln. No disturbance.
2212 Report of two suspicious subjects with ski masks in the 100 block of E Water St. Were making youTube video.
2246 Suspicious subject on a scooter in the 500 block of Jersey St

Tuesday, August 2, 2016
0735 Drive-off from the 400 block of N Lake St.
0800 Report of lost set of keys over weekend.
1000 Driving complaint on Collings near East St
1002 Shoplifting complaint reported from the 100 block of E Water St
1103 Report of suspicious vehicles in the cemetery at night.
1153 Assist EMS in the 100 block of N East St
1341 Report of lost Operators License
1640 Complaint of subject grating Prospect St.
1719 Fraud complaint in the 100 block of E Lincoln
1812 Found purse with Debit card and cash. Returned to owner.
2205 Assisted Sheriff Dept at 131 and Romaniak.
2236 Report of attempted B&E to vehicle in the 200 block of Vogel.
2258 Citizen assist on Lower Lake.
2337 Alarm in the 900 block of N Lake.
2344 Curfew violation East and Vogel.
2353 Suspicious situation in the 500 block of N Lake St

Wednesday, August 3, 2016
0735 Craig’s list scam from the 800 block of Second St.
1130 Arrested subject for Domestic Assault in the 200 block of Hannah St.
1150 Report of lost wallet.
1330 Report of lost keys at Avalanche
1425 Report of fraudulent phone calls from the 800 block of S Park St give them any info
1440 Report of bike missing since Mushroom Festival.
1503 Vehicle unlock in the 100 block of Front St
1737 911 hang up from the 300 block of E Division St
1746 Report of dog in car in the 400 block of N Lake St
1826 Car broke down at Lake and Water.
2210 Responded to a disturbance in the 1200 block of Pleasant Ave. Arrested subject on a bond violation. Will submit warrant request for assault. CPS referral made.

0430 Assist Sheriff Dept on Barber Rd.
0922 Assist Sheriff Dept with PIA on Lakeshore
1139 Assist Motorist at State and Jefferson.
1312 MDOP to wall in the 500 block of S Lake
1405 Found hand held marine radio on S Lake St. Returned to owners.
1818 Harassment complaint received at the PD. Both parties advised to stay away from one another.
1916 Lodged stray dog in the shelter
2159 Barking dog complaint in the 400 block of Harris St.
2220 Suspicious subject reported on Thompson St
2231 Citation issued for Speed at W. Michigan Ave and Charlevoix St.

0907 Assist EMS on Front St.
0924 Harassment complaint received from Lake St
1201 Citizen calling from Hannah St with civil questions.
1302 Request for civil standby on Pleasant Av
1304 Report of possible hit and run accident on E Water St.
1333 Report of subjects jumping off the Shopper’s Dock. Gone on arrival.
1430 Report of damage to property at Pine and East St.
1550 Report of vehicle parked in Open Space all week.
1555 Private property damage crash reported in the 400 block of N Lake St
1903 Arrested subject for domestic assault in the 600 block of Jefferson.
2108 Report of possible stolen dog from Bay St. It was located and returned. Not stolen, just ran off.

Saturday, August 6, 2016
0442 Citation issued for speed and No Proof of Insurance at Lake and River 1544 Report of an intoxicated subject sleeping on a bench at Old City Park.
1604 Assist Fire Dept with a report of a car fire on Boyne City Rd. It was coolant blowing out of the radiator.
1706 Civil standby-child exchange at Veteran’s Park.
1821 RV was parked on the soccer field at the Rotary Park with no one around.
1837 Assist EMS in the 800 block of E Main St.
1900 Report of a rattle snake on the river trail off of Spring St. Found a Northern Water snake and an Eastern Hognose- no rattlers.
2146 Report of a UFO sighting From M-75 N near the city limits
2152 Subject turned in a purse found on M-75 S. Was returned to owner.
2203 Driving complaint on M-75 S headed into Boyne City.
2326 Suspicious vehicle in the 1000 block of Boyne Av. Made contact, they were just waiting for friends.

Sunday, August 7, 2016
0215 Suspicious situation in the 300 block of State St.
1745 Citation issued for speed and expired registration at Pleasant and Ann.
1805 Citation issued for speed at Pleasant and Ann.
1935 Suspicious situation reported on Ottawa St.
2322 Hit and Run private property crash on Front St.