Boyne City Police Department incident reports December 21-27

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Editor’s note: Some of the recent police incident reports were delayed due to the holidays.

Monday, December 21
0252 Assist Sheriff Department and MSP with a fight on Bear River Rd near River Rd.
0252 Report of an MDOP on W Main St.
1112 Vehicle unlock on W Main St.
1130 Vehicle ran over shopping cart in the Dollar General parking lot.
1157 Assist with traffic for moving large transformer through town.
1220 Report of attempted Craig’s List scam.
1418 Assist Sheriff Department on Zink Rd with suicide

1611 Report of a suspicious subject at park and Vogel. Was Direct Energy solicitor.
1747 Complaint of one of the Direct Energy people being rude and obnoxious on Ottawa St.
1818 Lodged a dog at the shelter.
1910 Vehicle crashed into 2 parked cars in parking lot on Morgan St, then a house on Pleasant Ave. Arrested subject for OWI 2nd.

Tuesday, December 22
0112 Car deer accident on Division/Boyne. Kill permit issued
0640 Report of suspicious vehicle and subjects in the 1300 block of Boyne Av
0907 Alarm in the 400 block of Front St. Cancelled while enroute
1329 Call from Lincoln St regarding the Direct Energy people
1435 Property damage accident on Park near Main
1558 Call from W Division St reference the Direct Energy people
1846 Assist East Jordan & Sheriff Dept units in East Jordan. Man with a gun complaint. Subject surrendered peacefully.

Wednesday, December 23
0046 Assist EMS at 1314 Boyne Ave. Medical alarm.
0140 Assisted Sheriff’s Dept on N Park and N East streets regarding threats complaint they were investigating
0652 Citation issued for speed at State and Brown.
0909 Subject in from Cherry St ref Direct Energy people coming to house yesterday
0919 Another call reference the Direct Energy people being at residence last night
1204 Suspicious situation on Ray St.
2314 Gasoline drive off from the 1300 block of Boyne Ave.

Thursday, December 24
0305 Tree blocking BC-CX near Court St. Removed it.
0317 Tree blocking M-75 S near Magnet Dr. Removed it.
0351 Alarm activation in the 100 block of S Lake St
0354 Tree down blocking entire road in the 500 block of State St. It damaged fence.
0504 Large tree took out electrical line, car and damaged house on Line St.
0515 Tree down on BC/CX Rd. near Court St blocking both lanes. Removed it.
0607 Tree down on E. Court at N. Park blocking the entire road. Removed it.
0610 Trees and Lines down on Anderson near Marshall. The lines ended up being phone and cable.
0921 Tree fell on car in the 600 block of Call St.
1035 Assist Sheriff Dept with car deer accident on C-56 just outside the city.
1057 Went to shelter to lodge a dog. Also let Sheriff Dept in to lodge a different dog.
1141 Alarm in the 1300 block of Charlevoix Street.
1150 Damage to sign at Tannery Beach sign
1420 Assist Fire Dept. Lines down in the 100 block of W Michigan.
1425 Assist Fire Dept with trees on lines, Boyne City-Charlevoix Rd at the city limits.
1500 Assist Sheriff Dept with alarm on Lakeshore.
2255 Complaint of loud music coming from the400 block of Hemlock St.

Friday, December 25
0745 Vehicle unlock in the 700 block of N Park.
1805 Report of German Shorthair running loose in the area of Lake and Division
2058 Report of fireworks going off in the area of the 400 block of N East St
2101 Report of fireworks in the area of the 300 block of State St
2310 Assisted EMS in the 1300 block of Boyne Ave.
2323 Assisted Sheriff Dept with a disturbance in Boyne Falls.

Saturday, December 26
1056 Found purse in the 400 block of N Lake St. Returned to owner.
1734 Assisted Sheriff Dept with a felony warrant arrest on Pleasant Valley Rd.
1835 Driving complaint on Lake St
2155 Lodged a dog at the shelter.

Sunday, December 27
0206 Assist Emmet County in locating vehicle involved in suspicious situation up there.
Located it on River St near Lake St. All OK