Boyne City Middle School students plant tree after winning Earth Day contest

boyne middle school tree planting (2)

On Thursday June 9, Drost Landscape team members Jason Bock, Travis Drost, and Jason Porka helped Boyne City Middle School’s Class of 2022 plant a red maple tree near the rear entrance of the middle school.

The class of 2022 won an Earth Day Penny War competition in April and selected this tree as their prize for winning the contest.

The sixth-grade class was able to help Drost team members dig the hole, unload the tree, place it in the ground, and back-fill the soil.

During the experience, students learned about tree care, MISS DIG, different landscape occupations, and how to plant balled and burlap trees.

Drost Landscape donated the tree, staff, and equipment for this project.