Boyne City Manager Report


Boyne City Manager Michael Cain gave his usual bimonthly report to the Boyne City Commission on Tuesday Sept. 13.

Cain offered updates on the Safe Routes To School program, the Parkview Apartments project, Avalanche Preserve trails work, and Sommerset sewer project.


Safe Routes
Cain said good progress continues to be made on the Safe Routes To School project.
“The walkways are all in and the contractors are working on finishing up the new signage, markings and site restoration,” he said. “Once all of those are completed, a ribbon-cutting will be scheduled.”
Cain added, “I’m already getting a lot of unsolicited comments of appreciation by users of the new and improved routes.”

Parkview Apartments
The Parkview Apartments project, which was granted tax relief by the city last year in order to make improvements to the housing complex, continues to make progress.
“The new roofing that is going on the tops of their buildings is probably the most visible project out there,” said Cain. “Soon to be joined, as early as tomorrow (Sept. 14) with work on their access road. A temporary access road through the 1910 site on Division has been worked on for the past several days, and that will be used for about four weeks.”

Avalanche Trails
The Avalanche Preserve trails project is currently underway with new trails that will be accessible to users of many different skill levels and being built to professional sustainable standards by the International Mountain Bike Association standards, said Cain.

Sommerset Sewer
Cain said work continues on the Sommerset Pointe development’s sanitary sewer extension project.
“The most recent accomplishment has been that all radio meter heads have been installed out at the facility,” he said.
“So, all of the customers have a means to communicate with us so we can issue accurate billings off their usage.”


Work continues on the Boyne City Parkview Apartments improvement project, funded in part by a PILOT tax program granted by Boyne City last year. This photo was taken on Sunday Sept. 18. PHOTO BY CHRIS FAULKNOR/BOYNE CITY GAZETTE