Boyne City Manager report: cell towers, safe routes, project updates, absentee ballots



Boyne City Manager Michael Cain gave his standard bimonthly report to the Boyne City Commission during its regular Tuesday Sept. 27 meeting.

Items of interest included absentee ballots, updates on the city facilities project, the cell tower project, the William H. White historical house, and more.

Cell Towers
Boyne City, working with on an agreement to install wireless towers around the city has finally come to fruition, said Cain.
“After several years of work and negotiations, we were finally able to execute the agreement with ACD to install five distributed (cell tower) antennas around Boyne City,” he said. “That has finally been completed and executed.”
Cain added, “The next phase is actual construction of the project. We anticipate that this will take place yet this fall.”
Cain said the tower that people will notice the most is when the traffic signal comes down at the intersection of Water and Lake streets next to the Boyne Area Chamber of Commerce building for a couple of weeks as new decorative poles are erected.

Safe routes
The Safe Routes To School project is nearly complete.
“We are currently waiting for Consumers Energy to connect and energize the power panels for the new signals and streetlights on M-75 near both Beardsley and Brockway intersections,” Cain said. “Once those new signs are up and running, some of these old signs along that section of M-75 will be coming down.”

Parkview Apartments
Cain said work on Parkview Apartments’ access road and drainage improvements and other projects continue to make progress. The temporary access drive through the 1910 building site seems to be working well.

White House Apps
Northern Homes CDC is accepting applications for spaces in the newly complete William H. White house in Boyne City.
“They are looking at hopefully having people move in at the end of October,” said Cain.
All the apartments are income restricted and for adults who are 55 years old and older.
Two one-bedroom apartments cost $510 per month. One one-bedroom apartment costs $540. The two-bedroom apartment costs $700 per month. All include utilities.
Contact Barb Lane at (231) 838-3362 for an application.

Housing Summit
Networks Northwest has announced a regional housing summit to be held Oct. 24 in Traverse City.
Cain said he is looking into figuring out when it will be best to hold Boyne City’s housing summit in relation to the Traverse City event.

City Facilities
Cain said the Boyne City city hall, fire, police, museum facilities project continues to move ahead on schedule and on budget.
“Good progress continues to be made on the city facilities project across the street,” Cain said. “We did run into both bad soils and things like old logs and poles that were discovered in North Street when the blacktop was removed.”
He added, “Our plan (is) to remove those materials and replace them with new soils and fabric that should provide a much better and long-lasting road base.”

MML Convention
Cain said he and two city commissioners attended the Michigan Municipal League convention up on Mackinac Island in recent weeks.
“We were able to attend some very good sessions,” Cain said… “And did a lot of good networking with others from all across Michigan.”
Cain said one of the themes was broken municipal finance and how communities are struggling with the way the state gives local units of government funding.

Absentee ballots
Absentee ballots for residents of Boyne City are available at city hall, 364 North Lake St.
Call 582-6597 for more information.
The deadline to register to vote is Tuesday Oct. 11.

Historic William H. White House in Boyne City. This and the feature photo are by Chris Faulknor