Boyne City High School sports coming to TV


Boyne City High School Sports including football, volleyball and basketball will now be televised thanks to a new partnership between Boyne City High School’s “Rambler Sports Network” video production program and 24/7 local news channel MI News 26.

Rambler Sports Network has been webcasting Boyne City sports games for years, but bringing the games to TV is a new experience for the school.

“Rambler Sports Network is super excited to be partnering with MI News 26,” said Randy Calcaterra, Director of the Rambler Sports Network, “High School sports are a fantastic experience on so many levels, and at RSN we go to great lengths to bring that excitement, value & passion through the screen and to our viewers. In the past, that viewership has been those tuning in directly to see our broadcasts on the Boyne City Schools website.

Now thanks to MI News 26, we can help bring the excitement and value of High School sports to even more eyes in Northern Michigan!”

The sports broadcasts are produced in full HD and include an on-screen scoreboard, instant replay and numerous camera angles—essentially, the same level of production seen in many college games. The broadcasts can be seen on Charter cable channel 13 throughout northwest Michigan.

“We’ve been producing Cadillac High School sports games in partnership with students from the Wexford-Missaukee Career Tech Center for the past year, and when we saw the caliber of production coming from Boyne City’s students, we immediately realizing adding their games would be a perfect fit,” explained MI News 26 General Manager Eric Wotila, who worked with Calcaterra to bring the partnership together. “We’re thrilled with the new addition to our lineup.”

Elk Rapids’ Oct. 14 visit to Boyne City will be televised, airing at 1pm on Oct. 15 and 4pm on Oct. 16, and Boyne City’s Oct. 21 visit to Traverse City St. Francis is scheduled to air at 1pm on Oct. 22 and 4pm on Oct. 23.

Next week’s volleyball game will also be televised, airing on Thursday Oct. 6 at 9pm and Saturday Oct. 8 at 11 a.m.

MI News 26 will also broadcast numerous Boyne City Ramblers basketball games this winter.