Boyne City Gazette readers opine on elections and more

letters to the editor
Letters to the editor of the Boyne City Gazette from our readers. This week's letters include opinions on local and national elections and an update on a seriously injured, prominent community member.

Support Seniors
At the August Primary election taking place in every township and every city through out Charlevoix our citizens will have an opportunity to voice their support for Charlevoix County’s Senior Citizens..
Jack Webb who played Sergeant Joe Friday on the popular TV series Dragnet was famous for his standard line, “just the facts. I just want the facts.” Well, here are some facts:
Today’s seniors are retiring at a rate of more than 10,000/day and represent in Charlevoix County a ratio of nearly 1 in 4.
This past year, your Charlevoix County Commission on Aging served over 750 families, delivered over 35,000 meals on wheels, served over 31,000 meals at four senior centers.
We provide various levels of assistance in concert with the district 3 health department which enable seniors to remain in their homes instead of living in assisted living complexes.

Several years ago, we held focus group meetings through out the county. As a result of the input we have made changes in our operation. We have eliminated programs not connected with healthcare issues. We have reduce staffing levels in keeping with our income. We have instituted a sliding fee schedule for services related to the income of our recipients. Families below the poverty level have not seen an increase in charges. Those above the poverty level have been asked to pay a small increase.
Your COA has not had a increase in millage since its inception in 2001.
Our millage will expire this year. We are asking again for approval of .65 mils this year. A home owner with an SEV of $50,000.00 will be asked to pay $32.50/year. That is less than $3/month. We are dedicated to assisting Charlevoix County seniors in need,promoting independence and health.
Please support our Seniors this August. You may not be one now,but you will be at sometime and we will be there for you!
Richard Fish
COA Board President

She’s Back!
It has been a whopping 98 days since my fall (or should I say Spring Break?) I managed to break my neck, my right shoulder in two places and the same arm above the elbow. I also broke the foot off my leg.
But it is definitely time to say thank you to everyone who helped us out.
First, to 9-1-1 for getting me the help I needed. The police officer was wonderful and helped to keep me calm while waiting for the EMTs to arrive. They were efficient, kind and did a great job of transporting me to McClaren Hospital.
From there the ER staff and Dr. Hance took over and I was quickly evaluated, temporarily put back together until surgery and then the nursing staff took over until the next day when I was transferred to Acute Rehab.
Next, the Acute Rehab Center in the hospital worked to get me back home – after 6 days!
Thanks to all our friends and neighbors who loaned us medical equipment, sent flowers, called and supported our needs. A shout out to Lake Street Market for keeping us fed too!
Many thanks to the school staff that kept us fed during those many weeks. Each meal was greatly appreciated and very yummy!
I was also fortunate to have Holly and Dorothy keep our store open and running. Several other friends came in and cleaned up the mess I made and got things back in order!
I don’t know how I got so lucky but to everyone who had a hand in my recovery – from the Boyne Area Rehab Center to our many physicians to Frank’s coworkers to our friends and family – many thanks and much love!
Cindi Malin

Vote Yes
A reminder to the residents of Charlevoix County – The requested millage .65 mills for seniors is just days away.
Tuesday Aug. 2.
Senior Centers are a busy place. Lunch is served Monday through Friday at noon. But we are not done with just lunch. It is time to turn on the Wii and bowl for a while. Some go play cards. Use the exercise room.
The Commission on Aging (COA) served 71,234 meals in 2015 at senior centers. Another 19,991 lunches were delivered to homes where that person cannot get out to come to the center.
This past year we had 4,021 dining out vouchers issued on Beaver Island.
Other things offered is foot clinics, blood pressure readings, assistance with MEDICARE assistance with your yearly income taxes. The list just goes on. BUT the best thing is you find a friend!
Please mark your calendar for Tuesday, August 2nd to VOTE YES!!!
Thank you for taking time to vote. Don’t forget to visit the Senior Center in your area.
Janet Froats Shepherd
Boyne City

The Night Before Election
Twas the night before Election, when all through the House
Not a lobbyist was scurrying, not even a mouse.
Senate subcommittees adjourned and stockings were hung
In hopes of all the back room dealings to be rung.
Trump nestled sweet, with yes men and advisors,
With visions of sugar-plum futures and corporate risers,
And Momma Melania stayed close to his side
Ready to cast a vote for Freedom, a vote for pride,
The Donald.
Our brains just settled for a four-year nap
And all of our futures rewrote and sold for crap.
When out on the White House lawn arose a clatter
The entire republic leapt out of bed to see what was the matter.
Away to the TV we flew like the CW’s Flash,
Searching for, and then finding the remote to see the news flash:
The American public demanding “fair & balanced”
From talking heads too bloated and loaded to chance
A failure in optics, a goof in the gobbledygook,
Or a restless candidate off-script—
The Donald
His eyes—how they twinkled! His dimples how merry
His cheeks were like roses, his nose like a cherry.
Then in a twinkling we heard on the tube
The prancing and pawing of every little rube
Throwing themselves prostrate, cow-towing me-too-ism
To the beast of hair, the pop of culture, the kink of me-ism—
The Donald
In his red silk designer power night shirt
And funny bunny slippers—never the shirker—
His droll little mouth drawn up like a bow
Ready to knock friends or enemies all for show.
He was chubby and plump, a right jolly old elf
And we all laughed when we saw him, in spite of ourselves.
A wink of his eye and a twist of his head
Soon gave the Democrats something to dread.
“Dash away. Dash away Jim, Lindsey, John and Ted.
Dash away, make room Carly, Ben, Mike and Jeb.
Really Chris? Get away, get away. Move it, Scott.
It’s manifest destiny for the rest of you lot.
He sprang to his limo, to the secret service he whistled,
And round and round the White House he insisted.
The limo screeched to a stop with the thought of Hillary
And a dastardly plan to reinstate just for her the pillory.
All heard him exclaim, ‘ere he drove out of sight,
“Happy Election Day to all and to all a good night!”
George Bandy
Alexandria, Virginia