Boyne area children’s letters to Santa

In order to help make sure Santa sees the letters from local kids, the Boyne City Gazette is sharing them here in the week leading up to Christmas. Text of many of the letters is below. The rest are in downloadable PDF files at the bottom of this post.
We hope you get everything you want this year. And, remember, he’s always watching; so, be good for goodness sake!

Boyne falls school letters

Dear Santa,
Hello! My name is Selah and I am writing this letter because I am trying to convince you to do something. I was wondering how Rudolph is and all your reindeer at the North Pole? How are you and how is Mrs. Claus? I am a G-O-O-D girl and I love to read and I help my mom around the house. I am a Boyne Falls Public School 4th grader. My teacher is Mrs. Wind and she is a great teacher. My little cousin Aveiy is really sad because she cannot see me this Christmas so we are going to Skype. But she wants to see me in person and I want to see her too. If she gets to see me this year for Christmas she will be happy and I will get to play with her and open presents with her. But since we only get to Skype with her we won’t be able to play with each other. We both want to see each other so badly. I bet that Aveiy will want to see me so much that if we saw each other she would run right up to me and hug me so tightly I would lose my breath.
Santa, I don’t really really want anything because I don’t really need anything. I have too many toys and I hate cleaning them up and if I don’t want to do it I rely on my mom. If I have a mess on my floor I have to clean it up and boy it is a lot of work I tell you.
Thank you Santa, Selah Bennett


Dear Santa,
My name is Vincent I go to school at Boyne Falls. Is the naughty list staying clear? I am 9 years old, and my birthday is July 10. So I hope you’re having a good December. How is Rudolph and is he staying cute? Are the elves staying good? So is it cold in the North Pole? Mrs. Wind is a great teacher and she needs a best teacher coffee mug or some school supplies. She needs this because she is the best teacher. We really need a quiet pencil sharpener, and some pencils. We’re getting new students like crazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzy. She is so sweet, kind and trustworthy. I hope I persuaded you. I was wondering if I could get an Xbox one and a IPhone7. Why I need this is because I’ve been good. I have been being nice to Fred, Selah, Orin, Lillian, Madison, Megan, Jayden, Hannah, Jozlyn, Mackenzie, Christina, Byron, Mrs.Scope and Mrs. Wind. Oh please get everyone what they want!!
Love, Vincent

Dear Santa,
My name is Orin Lee and I go to Boyne Falls Public School. I am in 4th grade and Mrs. Wind is my teacher! I am 10 years old and I like to build and write! I am looking forward to seeing you on Christmas Day. I will make thank you cards out of the Christmas present wrapping paper that you sent.
I would like you to get a storybook for Amaya. Amaya needs this so she can get better at her reading. Maybe a Christmas book. For me, I would like five Animal Ark books. The author is Ben M. Baglio. I love to read.
Thank you, Orin Lee Ray

Dear Santa,
Hello! How are you doing and how is Mrs. Claus at the North Pole? I’m am doing really well and I hope you are too! My name is Mackenzie Smith and I am trying to persuade you to get my grandpa something. I’m in 4th grade at Boyne Falls Public School. How are your reindeer, elves, and
Mrs. Claus? I was wondering can you get my grandpa a mattress because whenever people come over my grandma has to bring the mattress downstairs.
My grandpa is really sad because something happened in his life. I think my grandpa will be thankful if you get the mattress for him. My grandpa is really caring because he has a dog named Lexxi and she’s blind so he has to be really careful with her. Thank you so much for always making my grandpa happy and other people!
Santa I think I’ve been good, so can I please have an adult coloring book. First, I used to have one and I colored all the pages . Second, I am responsible and I won’t lose pages. Third, you can trust me with the a coloring book and maybe some coloring stuff like markers and colored pencils.
Thank you so much for making every one of my Christmases happy!
Thank You, Love Mackenzie

Dear Santa,
My name is Jozlyn Turnbull, I am writing this letter so I can convince you to get my dad a gift. I am wondering how are you, the elves, and Mrs. Claus? I hope you are doing well. My class is doing well. In my house for Christmas we bake cookies, play Christmas music, decorate our Christmas tree, play a bunch of Christmas games, and much more. Santa for my dad for Christmas could you get him a new phone? He needs a new phone because his phone is cracked and it is very slow. He has been wanting a new phone for a while now. My dad is very nice he has been a good boy so could you please get him a new phone for Christmas. He has been good by helping me helping others and for a lot of other good reasons. He has been kind, friendly, fair, and helpful. Santa, by the way could you get me a hoverboard for Christmas? I have been very good girl this year. I have helped my little brother walk when he was having trouble, I helped watch my little brother, and a lot of much of other helpful things. I want a hoverboard because it would be fun to ride around and get exercise at the same time. I have wanted a hoverboard for a long time.
Love, Jozlyn

Dear Santa,
How are you doing Santa, My name is Jayden, How’s Rudolph? I’ve been good this year. We have our Christmas tree set up. I’m nine years old, and my birthday is May 15.1 live in Boyne City and I have 2 dogs and 1 cat. I like to play video games, basketball and football. My two cousins are Tristan and Troy. For Christmas Troy needs a phone because on his current phone it drains battery in 10 seconds on Chrome and then it is dead. Troy is kind and good at fixing electronics. He deserves this phone because he is friendly. Tristan needs a car because he doesn’t want to use his dad’s car. He can drive Troy and himself places. Tristan deserves this car because he is careful and clever. For Christmas, one of the things I want is a Galaxy 6. My iPhone 4 is outdated and rarely works. I deserve this because I have been good this year. I help my friends, I am silly and scare my mom sometimes. If I get this phone I will no longer have the second most outdated phone in our house. It would be a good thing to have this phone because it is not outdated I can listen to music offline and online. And that is why I want this phone.
Sincerely, Jayden

Dear Santa,
Hello! My name is Madison Ochampaugh and I go am in 4th grade and I go to Boyne Falls Public School. My teacher’s name is Mrs. Wind. She is the best teacher in the whole wide world!!!I am writing this letter in order to convince you to get my brother a gift. How is Mrs. Claus? I hope she is doing very well. My favorite reindeer you own is Prancer, and I also like Donner. How is the North Pole? My older brother, London, really wants a German Shepherd puppy. London is very gentle and loving. He is very responsible too. It would make him very happy because if he could have a puppy, he would be able to feed it and hold it. He would also like to take it on walks, and take care of it. He loves dogs and he use to have one. I know he would take very good care of it. Santa, I really want an iPhone 5 for Christmas!!! I have been a good girl this year. I have been so good this year that I was hoping I could convince you to bring me one! I have been nice to my friends, and I have been doing good in school. I hope you have a good Christmas!!!! MERRY CHRISTMAS!
Thanks A Lot!
Madison Ochampaugh

Dear Santa,
Merry Christmas! My name Is Megan Pickering and I am a good child. I am appreciative of everything I get. How are the elves? My elf made a huge mess when I gave her a cookie. Santa you are the best man in the world. You are the busiest man you have to get for Christmas. How is the North Pole is it getting cold up there?.
Here in Boyne Falls there is barely any snow and is not very cold. You should have a nice warm cup of hot cocoa to warm you and Mrs. Claus up. How is the sleigh? Is it still in good shape for the big long journey on Christmas Eve? It will take a long time.
Santa please, will you be able to get Layla some teething toys? She is very kind, sweet, and caring. She is 4 months old and very lovable and she will probably need them. I would love it if you could do that. I think she should get some so she can chew on them. Then she will not chew on things she is not supposed to chew on. Thank you Santa. I would like a Samsung tablet number 4 and white with an owl case that fits. I have acted very well. I am always thankful for all that I have gotten. I am not a beggar for anything!
Sincerely, Megan
Dear Santa,
How are you doing at the North Pole is it cold there? How are your elves at the North Pole? My name is Lilli Fenske and I am writing this letter to get my mom more time. I am an only child, and go to Boyne Falls Public School. I am in 4th grade and I love school. My teacher’s name is Mrs.Wind and she is a great teacher. My mom needs more time in a day. She works at Boyne Falls Public School. She is a Student Success Advisor and loves her job. She needs more time to get her work done. She is successful, prepared, witty, positive, brilliant and more! She would be so HAPPY to get more time in a day!
So Santa, I hope at this sharing time of year, you can figure out how to get my mom more time. I would like all the dogs and cats at the animal shelters to get homes so they can have a happy Christmas too! How is your sleigh doing, is it ready for your long journey all around the world? It is so cold here in Michigan on Christmas! I am kind, loving, sharing and more. I hope you can get my mom more time and ALL the animals at the animal shelter homes.
Thanks a lot Santa,
Lilli Fenske

Dear Santa,
Hello! my name is Byron. Hope you are doing good. Today is my first day at my new
School. I now go to the Boyne Falls School. I am nine years old. Did you know my favorite holiday is Christmas. I have some questions for you, how old are you? What is your last name? How do you travel around the whole world in one night? Do you time travel, or teleport yourself to each spot? Or do you have a super fast sleigh you fly in?. Some people don’t believe in Christmas or don’t believe in santa. I believe in you and also in Christmas. I would like you to bring my mom a Christmas gift. My mom is very nice and loving. She needs a new tv, because she really likes to watch tv and her tv is getting really old and doesn’t turn on quickly anymore. I have been the best that I could be this year. There is a few things that I want for Christmas. I want a 3DS with the new Super Mario Bros. I may also want a snowball maker for the winter and a snow shovel to make forts.
Sincerely, Byron Wicoff

Dear Santa,
It is the best time of the year. How are the reindeer? Are they warm enough? Is Rudolph’s nose still bright? Do you know if you need Rudolph this year? Who will guide your sleigh? I hope you take Rudolph. It is cold in Michigan. Now, let’s not forget it is the time for giving and not getting. Please, can you get my mom flowers? I really feel bad since I can’t give my mom a flower. Could you give Bryar a baseball glove? He doesn’t have one and he has to borrow Mr. Beyer’s as Bryar’s glove is frozen in his garage. Can you please bring my brother, Logan, a puppy. He really wants one. He wants a bird hunting puppy.
Santa, I think I’ve been good most of the time. I am very polite at the dinner table and I do not put my knees up. I have learned my lesson from all the bad things I have done. I promise to be good. If you think I’ve been good enough, could you give me a desktop computer? I need a computer because I need it to be able to do my homework and play cool games. Also, I need to be able to check my grades.
I hope you have a good Christmas. Thank you for reading my letter.
Merry Christmas,

Dear Santa,
How have you been? Are you ready for another long Christmas? What have you been doing lately. How are the elves? But most important… how are you and Mrs. Claus? Are the reindeer ready to fly. Make sure you put a coat on because I bet it has been really cold in the North Pole. I have figured out that Christmas is all about giving and not receiving. Speaking of “giving”… my brother would like to have a Ninjago costume because every time I see that title on t.v., I skip that page and tell my brother, “You didn’t see anything!” Anyway, my dog has run out of his favorite treats so can you get some of those because we barely give him treats anymore. The flavors are chicken, duck, and chicken liver! My mom hates cleaning because something is always wrong. So, basically, if they make gift cards for maid cleaning that would be great. My dad said that this was a good idea. I have been real busy in the past few days. On one of those days, after dinner I washed my plate and put the ketchup, ranch, and meat in the fridge. Then my brother had a friend over and they played with trains and did not clean up. My brother was supposed to clean all of it up, but when he started, I helped him with the rest. Can you please give me a halo gun from Gamestop. This is supposed to convince my brother to play with guns and swords with me! In case you can not get that, you can get me a medium sized comic book called Rutabaga. I hope you like cookies, Santa, because there are lots of people that will make some cookies for you. I also wish you a Merry Christmas!
Your friend, Porter

Dear Santa,
What have you been doing lately other than preparing the presents? I had a blast last Christmas with the Lego set you gave me. I hope you’ve been eating healthy because on Christmas Eve, you are in for a heavenly treat! I imagine you are on a candy cane treadmill working out. Each Christmas keeps on getting better each year. Christmas isn’t just about presents, but getting the chance to be with family and friends, so I am going to list the things that my family needs or wants. First is my step mom, Mariah. She needs a new coffee pot because our old one doesn’t make a lot. Keurig coffee pots can make almost anything. Second, my brother, Mathias, wants a Hot Wheels Monster Jam Zombie Hunter. I’ve been planning to give him that. Last is my dad. Now he is a Joker (Batman) geek, so please give Dad a Joker protective poster frame and a Joker keychain. 2016 has been a good year for me. For example, I help around the house with chores such as helping with the dogs. Also, I had good grades. Please, may I have the 2003 NASCAR Ricky Craven #32 toy model car. May I also have a WWE2K17 game. It just came out. That’s all the presents I will list for now, but on Christmas, I will see if I’m naughty or nice! I hope that you bring holiday cheer to all children from around the world on Christmas, Santa. Also, I hope Mrs.Claus makes cookies for the good elves and reindeer. As always, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
Warm wishes, Anthony

Dear Santa,
Hi, Santa. How are the reindeer? Is Rudolph being respectful to you? I’m going to leave you a Coke on Christmas. Would you prefer diet, regular, caffeine free, or zero?
My dog always whines when I go to bed, so would you please get my dog a dog bed? The true meaning of Christmas is about friends and family. My mom gets stressed out because of my brother and me. So, would you please get her cordless headphones? My Uncle Curtis just got a new phone. Would you please get him a Game of War phone case? He loves that game. I would have to say I have not been the best kid in the town this year. I have been nice, though. I asked my friend if she wanted to play a game with me outside. I also was funny this year, too. I did a lot of jokes during December. I have one question. Will you please get me a laptop this year? I could use it to study and score my AM’s at home. I wish you a Merry Christmas. I hope you don’t have a bumpy sleigh ride.
Merry Christmas, Damen

Dear Santa,
Hello, Santa how have you been? Are you feeling sick? There are kids in the world who are depending on you to deliver presents. In winter, you are the one bringing joy to the world. Without you we wouldn’t know what to do. Santa, will you please get my friend’s mom a car because she really needs help getting places. It would be a nice surprise! Santa, will you please make my dogs a toy that can never be broken or torn up. Santa, will you please get my Aunt Gabby coal because she talks back to my grandpa. Can I please have a black and white kitten. I’ve been real good this year. I have been helping my mom around the house. I do the dishes, clean my room, clean the living room, and clean the kitchen every time I come from school, RIGHT AWAY.
Warm Wishes, Caitlyn

Dear Santa,
Hi! This is Christina. I go to Boyne Falls School and I’m in 4th grade. I love Christmas because it is so fun because we get great presents. Thank you for giving us presents. Are you doing good with your reindeer? Christmas is the best time of the year because you have good elves making presents. My baby sis Hannah wants a stuffed unicorn, and stuffed animals like cats and a dogs. She is 6 years old and doesn’t have any stuffed animals. She loves to have stuffed animals to cuddle with. She loves to sleep with them and play with them. She will be surprised and be happy, instead of sad. She loves animals! For Christmas I want a Chromebook. Can I please also have a brown reindeer? I would love to have a Chromebook because it will be clean and purple. I would play on it and do rocket math and social studies on it. I help students and am friendly with classmates. I work during my recess to get my homework done. Please, I really want a purple Chromebook, please Santa?
Love, Christina

Concord Academy Boyne

1st Grade Letters
Dear Santa
I have been a very good girl.
I want a new pet for Christmas and I want a new doll for Christmas.
Love, Dezarae

Dear Santa,
I will like a Nerf gun and Legos.
Love, Cadin

Dear Santa
I want a toy. I have been a very good girl.
I want a Nerf gun and an elf and a reindeer please! Thank you!

Dear Santa,
I have been a very good boy this year. I’ve been good. I would like a Nerf gun and Zombie Strike.
Love, Kale

Dear Santa,
I shoveled the snow on the porch for my mom. I love Santa.
Love, Brennan

Dear Santa,
I have been a good boy on the good list. Please bring a star wars set.
Love, Jake

2nd Grade letters
Dear Santa
I have been a good girl this year. I’ve been a good friend. Please bring me lots of troll stuff, a live baby doll, a nail toy that paints your nails. Please tell me I’m on the good list, pleas, please!
Love, Emma

Dear Santa,
I have been a very good girl this year. I’ve been helping my mom with the dishes. Can I please have a bunny, american girl doll clothes, a charm bracelet, a whole bunch of posters?
Love, Alexis

Dear Santa
I’ve been a very generous boy this year, because remember when I was at your parade when I was passing out candy and you can give me anything for Christmas.
Love, Dylan

Dear Santa,
I have been good this year. I’ve helped take care of my animals at home. Can you please get me a hedgehog, stuffed animal, new coloring stuff, troll stuff?
Love, Carli

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