Aspiring Boyne City doc needs help for WHO internship

Steven Senglaub

One local young man could do a whole lot of good with a little help from his community.

Boyne City High School and Johns Hopkins University graduate Steven Senglaub, son of Nate and Deb Jason of Boyne City, hopes to raise $5,000 to help with living expenses during an upcoming unpaid internship with the World Health Organization.

“Last week, I was accepted as an intern at the World Health Organization in Geneva, Switzerland,” Senglaub stated on his fundraising page at “I will be working for three months in the Essential Surgical Care department, which investigates and supervises surgical care around the world with emphasized efforts on enhancing surgery in lower income countries.”

He added, “However, after being in school for the past six years consecutively, I haven’t had much time to save. My internship is unpaid and Geneva is one of the top 10 most expensive cities worldwide to live in.”

As of Monday Sept. 12, Senglaub had raised $390 of the $5,000 goal.

“I am lucky enough to spend my year abroad, whilst applying to medical school, helping increase access to surgery and as an aspiring surgeon,” Senglaub stated.

“I am extremely passionate about the initiatives of the World Health Organization and my ability to participate.”

Senglaub recently completed his graduate degree at Johns Hopkins University and finished his undergraduate work in Biomed at Grand Valley State.

Senglaub is an aspiring pediatric neurosurgeon who has a newfound interest in global health.