Will the Dennis Hass Walloon Water System extortion case be reopened?

walloon lake water system building small
The Walloon Lake Water System building is pictured.
Walloon Lake Water System owner Dennis Hass is pictured in his mugshot.
Walloon Lake Water System owner Dennis Hass

At least one party being sued by Dennis and Kathleen Hass, over their claims that they were being forced into selling their Walloon Lake Water System, isn’t just sitting around and waiting for a court date.
According to an Aug. 11 letter from Boyne City attorney Thomas Schraw—on behalf of defendant Gale Charbonneau—he is requesting Charlevoix County Prosecutor Allen Telgenhof reopen the extortion case against the Hasses. (See the full story entitled “No Deal” at the top of this page.)
Following is the complete letter from Schraw to Telgenhof.
“Dear Allen,
I just came from a meeting with Mr. Gale Charbonneau hours after he received a complaint from the Constitutional Litigation Associates law firm, Detroit.
As I understand it, the complaint alleges that Gale engaged in concerted action to force Dennis and Kathleen Hass to sell their Walloon Water System to Melrose Township.
You will note that a number of sheriff’s deputies and Ms. Fanara are also name defendants.
It would be difficult for me to describe Gale’s disappointment with what appears to be a failed justice system.
He recalls that when your department reached out to the Walloon Lake community and communicated that your office would be dismissing the People v. Hass matter, your office indicated that the deal was conditioned the dismissal on Hass agreeing that there be no civil litigation against any of the witnesses, investigators and the like.
I know that the Hass claims of conspiracy have no basis in fact, but as we can both appreciate, defense of these claims, however frivolous is an enormous emotional and financial burden on most of the defendants.
I understand that Ms. Bray is 90 years old.
So, the question for you from Gale is: What, if anything, do you intend to do about it?
If there was some kind of conditional dismissal—presumably a dismissal without prejudice—I think I can speak for Gale in asking that your office consider reopening the case.
Thank-you or fielding this question.”
Telgenhof still has not responded on the matter.