Unhappy with Boyne’s recycling facility

Green to Gone


I no longer participate in Charlevoix County’s recycle program.


I have been into and done recycling for at least 20 years in other places we have lived and am a strong proponent of it.

I believe Charlevoix County has a good program and has dedicated people who operate it.

However, there is one glaring problem with the Boyne City collection site: the last three or four times that I’ve taken my recyclables to the transfer site in Boyne City, all the bins have been packed completely full to the point of overflowing.

I’ve decided that it is not worth recycling to not be able to deposit it at the recycling site.

If I can’t put it in the bins, I now put it in the dumpster behind our house, and will no longer try to deposit it into the recycle bins.

It is not worth making a trip to the recycle site only to not be able to leave the material.

If you are going to have a recycle program, make it usable.

Robert G. Reed
Boyne City