Tom Neidhamer elected Boyne City mayor

tom neidhamer, hugh conklin sworn in web

The photo shows Boyne City Clerk Cindy Grice swearing-in Neidhamer and newly elected commissioner Hugh Conklin.


Recently re-elected Boyne City Commissioner Tom Neidhamer and newly-elected Boyne City Commissioner Hugh Conklin were sworn-in by Boyne City Clerk Cindy Grice at the commission’s regular Tuesday Nov. 10 meeting.


Immediately after, Boyne City Mayor Ron Grunch told those in attendance that he could no longer continue as mayor due to undisclosed health concerns.

“Good management requires honest and forthright succession,” Grunch said… “I’m going to recommend that Tom Neidhamer succeed me as mayor.”

He added, “The City of Boyne City is in the process of tremendous growth and construction period. Tom has served Boyne City for 25 years as a volunteer on the planning commission as a member, co-chair and chairperson in addition to the past four years on our city council.”

Grunch said Neidhamer’s background in teaching, building trades and construction management, site plans and best practices are key attributes to help guide Boyne City.

“When it comes to construction, he knows the right questions to ask,” said Grunch. “Tom is well-qualified to lead us. His extra efforts as chairperson for the new facilities millage campaign speaks well of his love for our great city.”

Grunch added, “He won’t let us fail at the pinnacle of our successes.”

Grunch said his recent health issues, including two upcoming surgeries, weighed heavily in his decision to lessen his role in city governance.

“It is my intention to stay on as city commissioner as long as my health permits,” he said. “And, I look to Tom’s leadership, along with our city manager, staff, and new commissioners for a seamless transition of leadership and successful construction of our new facilities.”

Neidhamer was then unanimously chosen by a vote of the Boyne City Commission.

Boyne City Commissioner Laura Sansom said she thinks Neidhamer will do “an outstandingly good job.” and expressed disappointment that Grunch chose not to continue.

Conklin thanked Grunch for his years of service, and supported the measure.

“I echo the sentiments of our board in that Ron has been a true leader and dedicated to our city,” said Neidhamer. “I did not invite this, I did not seek this, I did not look for this—I was hoping that Ron would carry on forever—but I am humbled and willing and hope I can do as good a job as you have done and our past mayors, too. I think we’ve had a pretty fantastic run on leadership.”


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