Sweets & sales Feb. 13 & 14 during Chocolate Covered Boyne

Beth Gohs

Staff Writer

The eighth annual Chocolate-Covered Boyne will feature a variety of discounts and sweet treats through downtown businesses on Friday Feb. 13 and Saturday Feb. 14.

Lynn Williams began Chocolate-Covered Boyne as a community event to celebrate Valentines Day and Irish Heritage week, during the dead of winter.

“It’s a fun little event,” said Boyne Area Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Jim Baumann. “You can just walk around town and do all the chocolate tastings in virtually every place you go to.”

According to Baumann, there are 40 businesses that are participating.

“Most of them are stores and restaurants,” he said, adding that real estate and other offices will also get in on the fun.

Freshwater Gallery is hosting a concert with the theme ‘It’s all about the guys’, which will include performers Dave Boutette and Brett Mitchell.

Boyne’s Beyond Borders has a Valentine’s special drawing where customers can draw their own discount of 25, 30 or 35 percent off. Owner Jon Bautel, said he has something for everyone, with prices ranging from $12 to $150.

“This time of year anything red sells well and purple sells well,” said Bautel. “But, for those that have allergy issues, I have a wide selection of wonderful earrings and rings all stainless steel. So they can shop with confidence that it’s not going to affect their skin.”

Boyne’s Beyond Borders has jewelry pieces for both men and women, among other unique local made items or pieces made from other countries.

Upsy-Daisy Floral will have a variety of arrangements made with fresh flowers ready for Valentine’s Day.

“A dozen roses are always popular this time of year, and nice springy mixed arrangements of course. Pink, red, those are always hot, so we’ll be doing a good mix,” said Sidney Wormell, owner of Upsy-Daisy Floral.

Upsy-Daisy Floral will have arrangements made ahead of time, because this is one of the busier times of the year.

Kilwin’s will feature new chocolate candies for Valentines Day as well as fan favorites like chocolate strawberries, malt pecan tuttles (known by many as “Turtles”) and cherry cordials.

“We have a melted chocolate heart box,” said Gayle Harabaugh, owner of Kilwin’s. “The box is actually made out of chocolate that you can fill it with chocolates or other things like maybe an engagement ring or something. And so that’s kind of exciting. We have lots of different sizes of heart boxes to fill with your favorite chocolates.”

Kilwins will have chocolate and fudge samples and will be making fudge and chocolate dipping all weekend.

Harabaugh also said that not many people call ahead of time for orders like the strawberries, which must be made per order, and Kilwin’s would appreciate orders placed ahead of time to ensure they can meet the demand.

“We have a wonderful Valentine’s Day in Chocolate-Covered Boyne. It’ll be fun,” she added.

Local Flavor Bookstore will be open Friday night; and between midnight and 7 a.m. any customer will get 40 percent off their purchase; throughout the day they give 20 to 30 percent off.

“It’s fun and sweet and it’s just another fun thing to do in our downtown,” Baumann said.

“You can kind of walk around downtown and go from shop to shop and virtually everybody has something sweet to offer. It’s kind of a fun little promotion. And you can shop for your honey at the same time, if you wait until the last minute.”

For more information, go to the Boyne Area Chamber of Commerce’s website at boynechamber.com.