Opinion: Faulknor missing bigger picture in Dan Benishek vote

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Bigger picture


Mr. Faulknor views the defund Planned Parenthood issue solely from the Charlevoix County prospective and misses the point by a country mile.


Further he seems confused about the basic concept of our republican form of government.

Dr. Benishek was elected to represent the residents of a very large geographic district not to expose his wet finger to the wind, read the polls and vote according.

A computer can do that.

Heck the voters get a chance to toss house members out every two years.

In this republic we elect representatives and then review their performance on a constitutionally timed basis.

When the question is asked “do you favor selective body crushing of babies that could live outside the mother so some organs can be sold” – the answer is a screaming no!

Yes indeed Mr. Faulknor videos, the Boyne City Gazette and poll questions are “selectively edited.” (Editor’s note: there is a difference between the Boyne City Gazette editing a news item for grammatical accuracy, and someone editing a video clip to mislead the viewer.)

“Affordable pap smears” for women as well as affordable prostate ultrasound exams for men are both wonderful life saving ideas.

The BIG question is whether individuals or our tax dollars from the federal government pays the bill.

Nation wide Planned Parenthood’s primary mission is to provide free or low cost abortions.

If Liberal/Progressives want to fund hundreds of thousands of abortions at a non-profit corporation like Planned Parenthood by all means fund it.

Five million conservatives fund the NRA to protect Second Amendment rights.

Surely the left can fund abortions with out my tax dollars.

Steve West
Beaver Island