One Step Closer; Boyne City Commission OK’s Glen Catt development

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Benjamin Gohs

News Editor

The Boyne City Commission recently OK’d the next step in Glen Catt’s plan to create a $7.5 million multi-use development in downtown Boyne.

The second reading of the conditional rezoning request for One Water Street will essentially provide parking for Catt’s project, which is expected to include an upscale restaurant and bar, residential apartments, and a bank.

“In 2012, a conditional rezoning and development plan was approved (for) the One Water Street property,” stated Boyne City Planning Director Scott McPherson in a March 24 memo to Boyne City Manager Michael Cain. “This approval conditionally rezoned the property from Waterfront Marina District to Central Business District and approved a development plan for the existing uses of the restaurant, commercial and office uses and for the construction of 13 mixed-use cottages. Three of the cottages are currently under construction.”
He further stated, “While the uses on the One Water Street are not being changed, the applicant is proposing to remove four of the 13 approved detached resort cottage structures.”
According to McPherson, the four structures in question to be eliminated are located in the interior of the site.

He also said the proposed changes include detaching the existing duplex unit that is located on the southwest corner in order to create two independent single units.

“As a result of detaching these units, the setback distance for the south lot line will be reduced from approximately 33 feet to 28 feet,” stated McPherson. “In the space of the four eliminated cottages, a new parking area will be created which will result in an increase of 25 parking spaces on the site.”

So far, Catt has submitted an application for an amendment to the One Water Street conditional rezoning, a conditional use for a drive-thru in the Central Business District, and a development plan review. The Boyne City Planning Commission must still sign off on Catt’s overall plan.

The proposed changes in Catt’s plan will also free up nearly 10 feet of unobstructed view corridor from Front Street.