North Central Michigan College winter workout programs

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Plenty to do at NCMC this winter!


This winter, beat the winter blues and take off those holiday pounds at North Central Michigan College’s Student and Community Resource Center.

The Center has become one of the community’s most popular resources with more than 30,000 uses of the center’s courts and track each year.


The track is a safe (and free) place to run or walk year-round. It is most popular in the winter and is a great alternative any time it is cold, dark or raining outside.

In addition, a wide variety of fitness courses are held in the center each semester.

These one-credit courses include T’ai Chi Chu’an, yoga, personal wellness, core conditioning, Pilates, self-defense and beginning yoga.

These classes meet twice a week for one hour and only cost $102.75 (plus applicable fees) for a semester for Emmet county residents.

There are also two physical conditioning courses (PE 116 and PE 216) offering unlimited access to the fitness center.

These courses include an individual fitness evaluation and a prescribed program using various pieces of training equipment and activities, again for only $102.75 per semester for Emmet county residents. To apply, visit and click on Apply Now!

The gym is used daily by students and the community for tennis, basketball and other activities. No matter what shape, size, age or condition you’re in, North Central has plenty to offer you this winter.