New year welcomes new baby in Charlevoix

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Charlevoix Area Hospital Welcomes Its First Baby of 2015: Montgomery Aldrich

Charlevoix Area Hospital celebrated the arrival of little 7 lb. 2 oz. Montgomery Benjamin Aldrich in the wee hours of the morning on Friday Jan. 2.

He was the first baby delivered at the hospital this year and as is the hospital’s custom, his parents Megan and Tommy were presented with a congratulatory gift basket filled with an assortment of baby products and toys.

Montgomery’s father Tommy Aldrich explained that one of the reasons they had chosen Charlevoix Area Hospital was because of the calm, beautiful surroundings and the great doctors.

Megan explained that, in her previous birthing experience at a different hospital, she felt as if she wasn’t listened to and that everything had to be done “their way” without taking into consideration what she wanted.

Megan and Tommy couldn’t say enough about their doctors Mary Ivey, MD and James Jeakle, MD.

Dr. Jeakle had delivered Montgomery and Megan was so pleased that he had embraced her desire to have a natural childbirth.

She said that was one of the reasons she had chosen Charlevoix Area Hospital.

“And the room is so beautiful!” said Megan.

“Being able to have the baby in the same room—to stay here and not have to be moved to two or three different rooms—was wonderful. Everything is so calm.”

When asked if they would choose Charlevoix Area Hospital in the future, they both emphatically agreed that they would.

For this young family, 2015 promises to be filled with joy from a sweet little fellow who just nodded off, oblivious to the cameras flashing around him. For more information about Charlevoix Area Hospital, please visit