Mitch MacKay of East Jordan believes gun-free zones invite violence

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“Wait, Mugsy, we can’t go in deah—dat’s a gun-free zone.”

“Oh, Jeez, probly no trespassin’ and no smokin’ eidah. Bummah.”  (Scenes we’d like to see)

Guaranteed, unequivocally, gun-free zones invite violence.

Moreover, if an honest man shoots a bad guy in a gun-free zone it’s he who is arrested.

If there seems no sense to this it’s because there is none.

This is what law has come to: the precise inversion of justice.

There is no definitive verification that Hitler ever disarmed a populace for sake of genocide but there are unfounded insinuations to that effect, as there are elsewhere in this war-torn world.

Simply put, if you want to ravage a people, take their guns away first, that’s the inference.

That’s why, ostensibly, Switzerland was immune from World War II; something about those Alps and a highly-trained militia composed of all Swiss citizens throughout their lives, mandatory military service when young, periodic reinstating thereafter.

The Swiss rank among the lowest crime rate statistics in the World.

Statistics are misleading, however, because many factors enter the calculations.

Iceland and Hong Kong, for instance rank better than Switzerland, Nordic countries are at the top percentile of safety ratings.

The isle of Cypress comes in number one in overall safety.

The world since becoming aware of terrorism has had to make some revolutionary adjustments in crime-stopping since terrorists target the innocent and unarmed because that’s the quickest way to arouse the feeling of helplessness and futility albeit short-to-long term animosity.

France finally got a bit peeved and we’ll see where that goes.

Ironically the United States which proclaims freedom as shibboleth has the highest incarceration ratio in the world both per capita and percentage although Venezuela achieves the top ranking of dangerous places.

Of course it depends on which areas one goes to within any city or country that determines the threat factor.

Irony is extended to gun-free zones that naturally attract persons with guns that have no interest in legal proclamations, plus the insult and injury directed toward those who retaliate with guns, stopping the bad guys, yes, perhaps, but incurring bureaucratic legal action for their heroism.

It does no good to editorialize about this outcome because the futility and blowback from such zoning laws finds legislated redoubt, whether locally or federally, which means that public opinion and common sense have no bearing upon the law, and illogically never will since law is drafted by bureaucrats and signed thereunto by persons elected by a plurality of public votes, seemingly the will of the people.

Legal writ thereby becomes abstracted from what makes sense to what sounds logical but is often unworkable due to unintended consequences.

The public is often fooled by rhetoric that on the surface sounds reasonable but is unenforceable in rational terms, therefore irrational law pervades and indeed prevails.

The obvious conundrum is the winner, the untenable law of the land.  Nothing can get better because the law won’t allow it.

Stare Decisis, the tendency of the courts to adhere to former decisions, ensures this imbroglio’s continuum.

Latin, old English and other linguistic ploys round out the illusion of official documentation that is destined to intimidate and threaten the public.

In this modern world—probably a lot like the ancient world with iPhones—we’re often besieged with irrationality under guise of legal writ.

Catch-22 has become the status quo.

Only by having lots of money can we avoid most of the doggerel inherent to social order.

And it still helps to stay away from gun-free zones.

Sandy Hook elementary School is a gun-free zone.

Go figure.

It can’t be said plainer than this: crooks are cowards; they don’t want a fair fight, no more than cops do.

If they’re crooks, they get out quick. If they’re cops, they call for reinforcements.

This sort of oxymoronic play is irrational in a weights and measures action-reaction world and certainly approaches the psychological aberrance threshold.

In fact the US system of law, as plausibly many other countries, is prone to mental disorder as policy.

Conflicting laws abound from these centuries of social devolution, thus schizophrenia is naturally inherent to legal documents and the interpretations thereof.

“Criminals Beware. This is a Neighborhood Watch Area.”

There, that sign should do it.

Now, if cops were smart, they’d use bogus gun-free zone signs to attract would-be thugs, lie in wait, let the public carry guns anyway in a quid pro quo arrangement, use these faux zones as flypaper.

“Hey, Mugsy, deah’s one a dem no fire-crackah zones deah.  C’mon let’s go get ‘em.”