Michigan Scientific of Charlevoix to expand and hire with tax abatement

charlevoix scientific
Michigan Scientific Corporation’s manufacturing facility in Charlevoix is currently undergoing an expansion project to increase their machine shop and office space.

According to a Monday Nov. 23 press release from the Northern Lakes Economic Alliance, Michigan Scientific Corporation of Charlevoix recently received local approval for a 12-year tax abatement on a nearly 10,000-square-foot, $1.2 million building expansion.


Work on the project, located in Charlevoix’s Industrial Park, began earlier this summer.

The expansion to their current facility will double the machine shop and provide additional office space.

The company currently employs 60 people at this facility and expects to hire an additional five full-time employees once the expansion is complete.

Michigan Scientific Corporation specializes in the design and manufacturing of instrumentation slip ring assemblies, test fixtures, prototype assemblies, load measuring transducers and a variety of other components.

The products are used in a wide array of applications in a very diverse assortment of industries including automotive, electrical, energy and food.

Approval of this tax abatement will enable the company to fund the expansion while keeping the current local, state and federal taxes whole and adding more than an estimated $220,000 in new taxes over the next 12 years.

Michigan Scientific Corporation was granted the same tax abatement by the City of Charlevoix when they previously expanded the building site back in 1990.

According to the Northern Lakes Economic Alliance (NLEA), they have been an excellent corporate citizen which continues to expand their operation, hire local employees, and add new taxes to the local economy.

“They are another prime example of the exponential positive effect of supporting existing companies,” says the NLEA, whose staff worked with the company and City to facilitate the application process.

Michigan Scientific also provides engineering services which include: instrumentation installations, data acquisition services, finite element analysis, circuit board design, computer simulation of mechanical system dynamics, and product failure analysis.

Go to www.michsci.com to learn more about Michigan Scientific.