Michigan fails ethics, transparency report

Groups Call for Reform After Michigan Receives Failing Grades in Fighting Corruption

Center for Public Integrity report cites Michigan as dead last in ethics and transparency laws

Common Cause of Michigan and the Michigan Campaign Finance Network are calling for reforms after the release of a report showing Michigan is dead last in fighting corruption with strong ethics and transparency laws.

The report released today gave 11 states failing grades but ranked Michigan as the worst state in the nation.

“This report is proof that our current laws fail the people of Michigan when it comes to open and honest government. Our open records laws need to be updated to ensure the public can see how this administration and legislature are working for them and we need to better track financial disclosures and ensure that lobbyists and the well-connected do not have undue influence on our elected officials,” said Rich Robinson, with the Michigan Campaign Finance Network.

“Without accountability reform, ordinary Michiganders will continue to be locked out of the process and not have their voices heard. We can do better and we must do better for the people of Michigan.”

According to the report, Michigan ranked 50th out of 50 with an “F” ranking.

Ten other states received similar rankings, but no other Great Lakes State fell to the same level of failure as Michigan. Out of 13 areas scored, Michigan received an “F” in 10 of them, showing just how far the state has fallen.

“The State of Michigan does the least of any state to fight corruption, conflict of interest and cronyism in state government,” said Melanie McElroy, Common Cause Director in Michigan.

“As a result, the voices of ordinary people are being drowned out by special interests, insiders and lobbyists. It’s time to make government accountable to the people by making information openly available to the public and cracking down on the corrupting influence of secret undisclosed money flowing into our campaigns, elections and lobbying.”

Learn more about Common Cause Michigan here: http://www.commoncause.org/states/michigan/