Letter to the Editor: Employ locals & veterans on new Boyne City facilities project

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We have recently passed a substantial millage to fund the construction of a new Emergency Services facility and New City Hall.

This project is estimated at $7,200,000 and will commence in the Spring of 2016.

While the actual plans are being finalized and a General Contractor has yet to be awarded the projects, I would strongly urge the Commission to consider the following:


The any General Contractor awarded the project must (contractually) give hiring preferences (in specific order):


While the US employment rate for September is 5.1%, veteran’s unemployment rate is substantially higher, between 6.7% and 7% (a 50% higher rate than non-veterans).

These individuals deserve preference in hiring and I would hope that specific targets are set for the general contractor given the challenges faced by today’s veteran community.

Residents/Companies/Contractors of Boyne City and Charlevoix County

This project should have a local economic impact.

For every dollar investing in local salaries, there is a multiplier of three in the local community.

So, if the commission mandated 10% of the project to be sourced to local residents and contractors ($720,000), the economic impact on the city would be over $2,000,000.

This benefit we cannot ignore.

Nor as a Boyne City taxpayer, should I see my tax dollars flow to downstate labor that will have little if no economic benefit to the local community.

Boyne City is an economically challenged community with little job opportunity for those that are seeking work.

The same can be said for the entire County of Charlevoix.

This is an ideal way to provide employment opportunities and while accomplishing the city’s goals of a New Emergency Services facility and New City Hall.

And, I would have the Commission consider the pride of the citizens and local vendors of Boyne City when the project is completed.

I strongly urge that at minimum 10% of the overall contract be sourced locally—either through direct hires or the General Contractor being contractually obligated to source subcontracting—demolition, electrical, construction and landscaping locally, it truly will have a substantial impact on the city and community.

Carl H. VanDomelen

Boyne City