Letter To The Editor by Marty Moody

The fabulous people of Boyne City never cease to amaze! From the grass-roots efforts that
have started some of the most awesome festivities ie; “Stroll the Streets”, “Boyne Thunder”, SOBO Arts Festival, the 4th of July festivities, etc. that we all love to attend and participate in, to the incredible displays of philanthropy. In philanthropy I do not only mean the generous offerings of Mr. Grove and Mr. Dow helping the City attempt to reclaim the fabulous property across from Family Fair and drop that horrible fence, but all the rest of “philanthropists” that come out of the woodwork every time one of our treasured citizens falls ill or on hard times. lt always impresses me the outpouring that you will see from all walks of life, even people that are themselves just trying to pay the mortgage and put food on the table, as they attend events like the one for little “Braveheart” Boone Caverly and stuff the collection jars with not only monetary support, but with their love for this community and the wonderful people that call it home, it truly is humbling! Then you have the philanthropy of the Cancer Crusaders, Compassionate Hearts, The Deacons’ Fund, etc., who raise money all year around to help individuals, and let’s not forget the giving of the Garden Club who works tirelessly to keep Boyne Beautiful all summer long, and in doing so, lifting the spirits of all who stroll through this beautiful little berg!
Because of all the amazing people that live and work here, be it Summer, Fall, Winter , or Spring, there is always something to see and do on the shimmering shores of Lake Charlevoix, in this little gem of a town that we are blessed to call home, and just like the sign at Lynda’s Real Estate Service says “Boyne is where it’s at!” Thank you Boyne City for always being the classiest little town around!
Marty Moody
Boyne City