Fun and prizes at Boyne Archery Club’s 1st 3-D fun shoot

avalanche preserve


The Boyne City Commission recently gave the go-ahead to planners of the Boyne Area Archery Club’s first 3-D Fun Shoot, which will be held at the end of this month in Boyne’s Avalanche Preserve Recreation Area.

The event, organized by former Boyne City Parks & Recreation Committee member Bill Kuhn, will feature archery events for all ages—as well as being free to children 12 and under—from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Saturday Sept. 26, at the archery range, which is located at 746 Pleasant Ave. in Boyne City.


“In an attempt to further promote archery in Boyne City, and Northern Michigan, a group of local sportsman—in conjunction with G5 Archery—would like consideration to put on a novelty shoot,” stated Kuhn in an Aug. 18 letter to Boyne City officials.

Novelty shoots test the skills of archers with various sizes of targets—some as small as ping-pong balls.

The proceeds from the event will go to enhance and maintain the Avalanche park’s archery range.

“This type of event has the potential for growth, and could become a sanctioned shoot in the future, drawing sportsmen and archers from across the state,” stated Kuhn.

According to Kuhn, G5 is a three-generation, Michigan-based business which is ranked among the top bow manufacturers in the world.

“A representative from G5 would be on site for this event, with a demo trailer of products and information,” he stated. “Youth equipment would be provided for the event at no cost to the shooter.”

A drawing will be held for various prizes with the grand prize of the event being a Prime Ion Bow, valued at $1,000.

According to Superintendent of Boyne City’s Public Works Department, there used to be an archery club in the area which used the range at Avalanche Park. The club disbanded in 2004 but the archery course remains.

“This could become an event that would draw people to the area, which is beneficial to our businesses,” Kovolski stated in an Aug. 21 memo to the Boyne City Manager.

The city’s parks and recreation committee has already recommended the event for approval.

During the Tuesday Aug. 25 Boyne City Commission meeting, where the event was approved, commissioners voiced support of bringing yet another community event into the town.

“I’m feeling very good about this event,” said Boyne City Commissioner Laura Sansom. “I think it’ll be nice for the community and great for Northern Michigan. And, knowing Bill, I feel confident he’s put it together very well.”

Boyne City Commissioner Tom Neidhamer said this is just another event that makes Boyne City a special place to be.

“I appreciate Bill Kuhn and everybody else who worked to put this together,” said Boyne City Commissioner Derek Gaylord.

Register by Sept. 24 to save $5. The fee is $10 for early registrants and $15 if you sign up on Sept. 25 or 26. E-mail your name to to register.

Contact Bill Kuhn at (231) 675-1200 for more info.