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What’s the problem with mental health in Charlevoix County, and why can’t the mentally ill find a place (other than jail) to get the help they need?

A Boyne City man went to Guatemala, but who can tell me why?

Where is Charlevoix County borrowing $2.6 million from, and why?

What is “revenge porn” and why is our prosecutor charging someone for it?

Those are a lot of questions about local happenings, but surprisingly enough, that’s only a slim slice of one month of news in the Boyne City Gazette.

The story about mental health is on this week’s front page, and Benjamin Gohs discovered this story by looking through a seemingly benign resolution from a board meeting, talking to the sheriff, health officials, and even our state representative.

Oh, and I should add, the Boyne City Gazette is the only newspaper with the story, and that includes much larger regional daily papers.

We take pride in our journalism at the Boyne City Gazette, and our hard work is valuable.

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We recognize that the entire community needs to be informed.

After all, being informed is the first step to fixing a problem—whether it’s mental health locally or voicing your praise or concern to your county commissioners over a $2.6 million price tag.

So, to make things easier on pocketbooks all over the county, we’ve introduced a new easy pay option.
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Because information is valuable, and we want our subscribers to get it as soon as possible.

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In the end, we have a staff of two full-time people: Ben and myself.

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