Derek Gaylord’s last commission meeting

derek gaylord
Derek Gaylord
Derek Gaylord


Boyne City Commissioner Derek Gaylord sat in on his final meeting on Tuesday Oct. 27. Boyne City Mayor Ron Grunch presented Gaylord with a certificate of appreciation from the city for Gaylord’s years of service.

“To Derek Gaylord, for his dedication of service to the City of Boyne City and its residents as city commissioner, November 2011 to 2015,” Grunch said.

Gaylord completed one four-year term before being ousted in this August’s primary race.

“This has been an extreme honor to serve the citizens of Boyne City, and one which I have not taken lightly,” Gaylord said. “I know sometimes I brought forth discussions that maybe somebody or some folks didn’t think were appropriate but I can assure you that every decision and discussion was made on the best behalf of Boyne City and for the right reasons, with integrity, never an emotional-based decision.”

He added, “I’m proud of the board that I worked with. Mike (Cain, Boyne City Manager) and the staff and I’m confident, moving forward, that Boyne

City will continue to remain the beacon of what city government should be and what our community is.”

Gaylord continues in his duties as the administrator of the Charlevoix County Jail.