Congressman Benishek working on tax form availability

Dan Benishek
Dan Benishek

Benishek Acts to Help Seniors and Rural Americans Obtain Paper Tax Forms

Local Congressman Introduces the “Personal Access to Paper Election Reform (PAPER) Act of 2015”
Dan Benishek has introduced a new piece of legislation entitled H.R. , the “Personal Access to Paper Election Reform (PAPER) Act of 2015.”

In response to complaints from constituents who were unable to easily access free copies of paper forms or instructions to file their taxes in a timely manner, Dr. Benishek introduced legislation that would require the IRS to automatically mail these forms to individuals who have filed by paper the year prior.

“I’ve heard from so many constituents across Northern Michigan who struggle to access their basic tax forms due to a lack of internet access, or simply prefer a paper form. It is unfair of the government to expect these Americans to travel for miles just to print out a form that could easily be mailed. This common sense legislation would ensure that rural Americans and seniors are not unnecessarily burdened during tax season,” said Dr. Dan Benishek.

According to the IRS, last year over 46 million paper tax forms were filed. Due to regulatory changes, the IRS no longer mails paper forms or instructions to citizens, making free access available only online, or at certified IRS help centers.

Often, seniors and individuals in rural areas suffer undue burdens in attempt to file their taxes in a timely manner, as they may lack internet access or have to drive long distances and wait at a library or tax center for access to forms. Congressman Benishek will discuss the introduction of this bill as he tours the LP Paper Plant in Newberry, Michigan tomorrow.